What part of your story are you writing? │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Every passing day affords us the opportunity to write our stories in different ways and styles through our thoughts, words, actions and associations. A few people are very conscious of this and they spend each day writing a very good story of their lives either on the pages of the books or in the hearts of those watching them! For many others, they are just living. They know there is something called history but they probably do not think that it affects them or that they are a part of it in anyway!
When we are not conscious of how we live then we are not going to make a good history. Either we live consciously or not, we will make history but the question is ‘what kind of history will you be making?’ Have you ever woken up one day to think about how your thoughts, words, actions and associations might be affecting other people? Did you ever imagine that someone is doing something just because your are also doing it? Could it be that someone is wrongly emulating you? You are doing something deliberately but the person who is watching you does not know why and just follows what you are doing!
Today is another day and indeed a good one for you to write a good history for yourself and as well model excellently for others. Search your heart and think very well about this. When someone leads in a field, the person is often referred to as the father of that field just as it has been said of Adam Smith in Economics. Would you want to be referred to as the father of a destructive habit that you led others into imbibing or the mother of a good habit which a lot of young people around you followed and the community is better of for it? Having said that, I think it is important I add that you do not have to live your life trying to please every other person or trying to be good, famous and acceptable. Just as I read online yesterday, someone said, ‘a celebrity is that person who spends most of his or her time working hard to become famous and after becoming famous, they wear dark shades in order not to be recognized in public!’ Now that’s one kind of a life but it’s not what I am talking about.
You just need to live consciously with the knowledge that everyday affords you the opportunity to write history or be a part of history and I think you can do that very well by:
1. Share with others your knowledge that can make life easier for them or help their productivity.
2. Offer good companionhip because that is all some people need.
3. Be kind to everyone around in words and in deeds.
4. Give what you have that can help other people. Someone does not know where the next meal is coming from. Be their savior for that day and if you can, do it very often. Help someone look better by giving them good clothes.
I think it will not be a big deal afterall when you realize that you don’t have to be involved in any heroic deeds that seem out of this world before you can write your history. All it takes to have a good history in the hearts of people is simple daily acts of kindness!
What history are you writing for yourself at the moment? How have you written your name or what tag comes with your name in the heart of others? Go around just being good to others, make life easier for them and help them attain their goals in life. This part of your story can be called ‘impacting other peoples’ lives’ and you have no life if you don’t do it!
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