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Understanding that there will always be a process before results will eventually lead to a pivotal preparation. Most times, we think preparation is getting things ready for where we are going or what we are going to do. However, when you are going through a God-ordained process for what he wants to use you for, preparation is actually God getting you ready for where you are going or who you are going to become.
I did mention in the piece written on ‘the purpose of the process’ that preparation is a major purpose of the process. Now it’s time to see what the preparation does to you. If you don’t know the purpose of the process, you may go through the process without achieving much. You may finish the process and see that nothing that was intended for the process has been achieved.
There are certain things the preparation during the process will do and they are:
1. Refine you – Many of us are picked or identified by God in our raw state. Like most raw materials, you have to take them through a process before they can be used. Many of us can’t be used of God to bless humanity just the way we are. We, in our raw state, can be disasters to ourselves if allowed to step on the stage of success. So we need to go through that refinement process as a way of preparing us for what’s to come. Some people don’t know how to talk. They need to be refined. Some people say too much. Some people will brag too much and others are just not coordinated. Others may need to learn to be more presentable because of the kind of people their purpose will be leading them to. Being refined for the assignment at hand is very crucial to the fulfillment of that assignment.
2. Equip you – We can’t just get up and be ready for where God is taking us to. We have to be equipped for “the place.” Some need to be equipped with information. Some need to be equipped with skills and others need some spiritual gifts to keep them going. Getting equipped for the place you want to be in the future is like getting ready for war. You don’t go to war empty handed. You have to go to war with all the right equipment. The equipment you will need include the ones to fight the enemy and the ones that will protect you from the enemy. When you go to war with only the things that help you fight the enemy, you’re not ready for war. If you also go to war with only the equipment that protects you, you are not ready for war. So you must equip both to protect and to fight in life. That means you will need education and life skills. You will need emotional intelligence and you will have to be ready to handle things coming your way.
3. Give you clarity – Many people are usually not sure of what God wants them to do until they get into the process. As the process refines you and equips you, you gain clarity. The preparation is to help you become certain about what you are supposed to be doing or what you should focus your energy one. Clarity is important and it is crucial to get results in life. If you don’t have clarity, it may be difficult to much or anything out of life. Unfortunately, some have achieved so much in life only to realize they achieved much in the wrong area. You don’t want to go through life only to see that you spent most of your life chasing the wrong things. I have met people who said they chased money and made money but now they are not fulfilled because they could have gone after something else. Go through the process that will take you to where you desire to be but make sure you take clarity out of that process.
4. Aid your learning – One of the most important things in going through a process is that you will learn. You will learn to be a better person and you will learn humility. You will understand how to be grateful for most of the things that come your way rather than brag about them and condemn others for not being able to achieve the same. A process will humble you and show you how to empathize with others. There are too many things you can’t learn from a classroom. You can only learn those things by going through a life class. That’s why you have to pay so much attention to what life is teaching you on a daily basis. Sometimes, you will learn certain things that will not even make sense to you until you are confronted with a reality in life many years later. That simply means some learns are not for today. They simply equip you for the future.
5. Help you build relationships – one of the things that preparation does to you is to help you build very important relationships. There are too many relationships that we build easily which may not be important. Some others turn out to be important but within a process that’s preparing you for the future, you will build crucial relationships. During your process, you will meet people who are simply meant to help you go through the process and their assignment with you ends. Others will help you see where you are going clearly. Some will stay with you from the time of the process until the day you achieve what you were born to achieve in life. We all need relationships and must carefully build some either for now or the future.
Now you understand what preparation does to you and for you during a process which prepares you for life. You also know what it’s meant to do for you so you must carefully pay attention to these things when going through your process in life.

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