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Over the years I have heard people teach on using your mind and expanding your mind. They talk a lot on how to build the mind, stretch it and make sure it functions at maximum capacity. For years I would view that information from the perspective of reading and exposing myself to some great materials or rolling with intelligent people. While that works, I found that nothing expands your mind like your purpose.
I have read about some great men and I have also heard about many others. I pay due respect to the fact that many of them were readers and the reading helped them a lot. But much more than reading, I realized that a cause within them, a purpose driving them, a vision determining their direction was even more powerful than any book they read.
What the books did to them was to provide some guidance and to help ensure they weren’t reinventing the wheel. The books showed them what other people did and how they achieved what was credited to them. For many of them, the books showed them how to do what they were doing in a better way than they were planning to do it.
In all of these, I have seen those who had no books to work with. They sat down and they began to think in the direction of the dreams in their hearts. They focused on the ideas in their heads and worked hard at the things they had in their minds that they could not really explain to other people.
I have seen that when a man has a cause, there is no limit to how he can think and explore the new worlds in his mind. When a man has a cause, what can come out of his mind is limitless.
There were times when I met people and shared ideas with them and people thought I got the information just because I was reading a lot of books. I read books as often as I can but I need to let you know that everything is not from books.
Some ideas can drop in your mind and when you sit with those ideas, they will open up your mind. Ideas are some of the best ways to open up your mind. Ideas will force you to ask questions on how you can get seemingly impossible things done and in the shortest possible time.
With my own purpose, I have found myself asking questions that people did not have answers for immediately. After a while, I would find the answers myself and begin to use them. People become surprised but they don’t realize that it is my purpose that is pushing me to use my mind in a different way.
If you can work hard at clarifying your purpose, your mind will have no choice but to begin to cooperate and work ceaselessly to make things happen for you. You will have some ideas and will not know how to make them happen. So long as you keep your mind open, the answers will come.
The major thing my purpose has done to my mind is to expand it so much that it is difficult for my mind to return to its original size. It just keeps stretching and improving daily. That’s what you also need to let your purpose do to your mind. You will be amazed at how much your mind can conceive and achieve if you let it work this way.

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