What questions will do to your life | Fola Daniel Adelesi

What questions will do to your life | Fola Daniel Adelesi
In the years past I have been asking questions and I have come to realize that the answers of the questions dont only come when I need them so that I can do what I really intend to do, I found out that something usually happens between the time the questions are asked and the time the answers come.
There was a time I was asking questions about a simple and easy to use website then blogging came as an answer. At another time I was asking questions about networking with people easily without spending too much then social networks came as answers. I have just used those ones as examples but I need to tell you that asking questions has worked for me in my personal life. However I need to also say that the objective or purpose of the question will determine the answer that you get.
We may be asking questions to know more about certain issues in life or to have some problems solved but the questions we ask do not only determine the answers we get but also determine the quality of life that we live. Simply put, questions affect our lives in the following ways or give us some of these experiences:
1.If you never ask questions it is hard to stumble on answers.
2.To get things done quickly you must ask questions.
3.When you ask questions your mind develops primarily in the line of those questions.
4.By implication, asking wrong questions will build your mind in the wrong direction
5.Only the wright questions will build your mind properly.
6.Asking questions builds your problem solving skills.
7.Your insight towards issues will be broad because you can get direct answers for some issues and for others you have to make assumptions about what happened.
8.Questions guide your decision making and determine the quality of decisions.
9.A wrong question takes you further in the wrong path in life.
10.Only a wright question will shorten your journey in life.
11.Who is answering your question is as important as the question you are asking
12.Always know that a wrong answer is as good as a wrong question and you should never run in life with a wrong answer.
I have had situations on my hand that looked kind of difficult but a very simply question has made it a lot easy. One thing you always have to run with in life is the understanding of the fact that asking the wright questions and getting the wright answers will help you go far in life and usually within a short time. That means you can accomplish more in a short time just working with the experiences that others proffer in their answers to your questions.
Make your life journey shorter by asking the right questions. Make things easier for yourself by asking the right questions. Improve the quality of your life by asking the right questions.
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