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I already said in my last post titled ‘You sometimes need the heat’ that the heat is a kind of unwanted motivation. It does not always look like motivation. It looks like something or a situation that was meant to crush you but, if rightly managed, it will brush you.
I have seen so many great men and I can tell that it was not only the things they liked that made them who they are today. The heat – the situations and challenges – that tried them made them who they are. Many of them did not like it when they were in it. It’s not like they signed up for hardship deliberately so that they can be great. Today when they look back they are greatful that the hard times eventually brought out the best in them.
Following that, we also need to look at what the heat can do for you too. Are you in some kind of financial, marital or business troubles? Here’s what some of these things can do to you:
1. Melts – Sometimes when you want to make something new out of iron you have to try and melt it. The melting process is like the period when all your ego is taken away. You may lose everything you thought you achieved by your power or ability. You are completely broken down in this phase.
2. Moulds – After the melting you can be given a new shape. If you refuse to melt you will break and will no longer be useful. But when you melt, something new can be made out of you. So these hard times and all the troubles will mould you so that you can be a better person.
3. Refines – Just like gold is refined in fire, you are also refined by some kind of heat that you are going through. When you are refined, the best comes out of you so you may not like the refining process but the end result will always be pleasant.
4. Tests – If you have not been tested you cannot be used. There is no way to know that you have been tested except for the things you have gone through. When a manufacturer produces a product, he displays it and says the product is tested okay. That looks like a simple statement to you but you have no idea what that product has gone through. When you also go through this, you would have been tested okay.
5. Approves – You naturally know that approval is the next thing after test. There are people who don’t know where you have been or what you have been through but you sometimes need their approval for certain things you might need to do. When they hear your story or see the things you have been through they just approve you. There are those who don’t want to listen to you because they don’t think you have fine through anything they can connect with. So your own heat period is the only thing that connects with them.
Don’t always see the heat as a terrible period. It may look like that but you need it to get into the really good days.
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