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Having reminded you that your time will also come, I think it is only fair to help you further by talking about the things you can do before your time comes. No one is doing you any good to simply assure you that your time will come when you are not doing anything while waiting for your time to come.
You cannot afford to be wasting because you are waiting. You should also realize that the waiting will be worth the while not just because you waited but because you did something while waiting. If it is what you do while waiting that matters then I should pick out some things you really need to do while waiting for your time to shine bright and take the spotlight.
Among several other things I think you need to:
1. Keep a clear goal – you cannot just say that you are waiting. What you are waiting for has to be obvious. You need to know what you really want to do and where or when you are doing that. How do you want to achieve the things you want to achieve and what skills do you need. It is very important to keep a clear goal about what you want or want to become in life. That is the first among several important steps to success.
2. Never stay idle – there are people who seem to be waiting for greatness but they are sitting around doing nothing. That is not the way greatness or even fame comes. You can’t sit around and do nothing. There must be something you are working on. When you get to the spotlight you have been hoping for, it is what you have been doing secretly that will be expanded or blown out of proportion to the general public.
3. Continuously develop yourself – if you really are expecting greatness and also hoping to take the spotlight some day, you have to continuously develop yourself. There are those who just keep waiting and the greatness comes before they start developing themselves. This will eventually turn out to be a mess. Don’t wait to become big or great or famous before developing yourself.
4. Make as many mistakes as you can – when no one is watching you or when few people are watching you, you can make mistakes. At that time you are not afraid that they will laugh at you. Even if they will laugh, there will only be few people who will laugh compared to those who will laugh when you become famous, great or successful. While waiting for your time, feel free to make as many mistakes as you can with the intention to correct those mistakes and learn your lessons the simple way. If you don’t learn this way, you may have to learn the hard way.
5. Learn from those presently in the spotlight – there will always be people in the spotlight in your various fields. Those already succeeding and those who have been there for long. There must be something to learn from them. Watch how they do things and watch out for the issues they are having so that you do not have the same issues.
6. Not judge yourself by the success or failures of others – some people may succeed faster than you even if you have started at the same time. It does not mean you are a failure and you should not use the failures of other people to limit your potentials. Others may have failed at something but you can be the first to succeed at that thing. What I think you should do is to use the success of others to encourage yourself. Let it be a great motivation for you rather than just saying you are a failure because you have not succeeded at a time someone else succeeded.
7. Remember it may take time – there are those who will start out early in life and make it early but it may not work out that way for everyone. There is no such thing as the quick way to success. It will take time and you should always bear this in mind. When you always remember that good or great things will take time, you will not push yourself under unnecessary pressure. There are those who have halted their success completely just by putting themselves under pressure and trying to make things happen faster than they should.
Again, I say that your time will also come just as that of the people who have gone ahead of you. But remember that there are things you should do before your time comes. If you don’t then you will realize that you are not ready when your time comes. I also think it is better not to have succeeded than to come face to face with the fact that your time has come and you are not prepared! Roll your sleeves and get to work now! Be prepared!

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