What to do when nothing seems to be happening – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have been through stages and I am still going through stages in my life, just as almost every one of us, where nothing seems to be happening. At such times it is easy to get discouraged and call for a pity party hoping to find some consolation in something external rather than looking inward for solutions.
Whatever it is you are going through is not something that will remain that way for the rest of your life. Life will always look like a tunnel at some points where it is going to be dark and you still have to drive through. The problem with so many other people is that when they drive into a tunnel in life they want to wait for the light to come on in the tunnel but the tunnel probably was not designed to be lit up. You are not supposed to stay in the tunnel because it is a passage and not your destination! When you remember all the time that the tunnel is your passage and not your destination then you will think about what to do when something starts happening.
If you are hoping for a job I think it is safe to strive to be a part of some professional training before the job eventually comes and that will imply that you improved your earning capacity. You can’t stay out of employment for several years and you think your worth will be increasing without doing something like getting additional degrees or taking some other training. The truth is that the more you stay out of school the less relevant you become. For those who are entrepreneurs you also have the advantage to improve your service delivery or other relevant skills in your business at the time when your business does not seem to have all the demands you expect it to have. One thing we unknowingly do against ourselves is to continually wait for something to happen for us while doing nothing to make ourselves better.
A lot of people wait for something to happen and when something begins to happen they realize that what is happening to them is lot bigger than what they bargained for because they did not go after more information or seek to improve their professionalism. I honestly admit that waiting can be a difficult thing and sometimes can be very frustrating for the person who has to wait for months to get a client in a business. It is one thing to get people who really are interested in what you do and make a lot of promises but it is another thing for them to request your services and be paid.
Just as you know somewhere in your heart that a time will come when you will not beg for clients, then you should prepare for that time by knowing more about your field and improving your skills. The time to plan your innovation is when nothing seems to be happening to you. The time to increase your earning capacity is when nothing seems to be happening. The time to work out your professional excellence is when nothing seems to be happening rather than just waiting and hoping for the opportunity because you will get to a stage where people will say, ‘we know you can do this and we do not want to give it to another person.’ At that time there may be no chance for preparation. You will only have to go on with whatever you have been equipped with so far. Do something now!
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