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Sometimes you can receive a vision that seems very overwhelming and at some point you may not know what to do with it or how to go about it. When you receive such huge visions and you don’t seem to know what to do, I suggest you just write it down first because you allow the size of the vision get to you. Always bear in mind that you have received that vision for a purpose and no matter how big it appears in your heart, it can be done! The only thing that cannot be done is what has never been imagined! If it has been imagined then there is a way around it! Do you think you have a big vision, then write it first and begin to look for the way around it.
There is no way you wish get a vision just because God wants to play with your mind. He’s not playing with your mind. He is only trying to make sure that you expand your mind and think differently. If you cannot think big then he cannot give you a big vision. When he gives you a big vision then he wants you to imagine the possibility of that vision and not the limitations of the vision.
Don’t fret when you get a big vision. Don’t say it cannot be done and don’t listen to the people who say it has not been done before. You can be the first to do it and some of the things you can do about the big vision include:
1. Break it down – when you break down the vision it will be a lot simpler for you to understand. You have to try as much as you can to see which can possibly come first or what you can take first. When you have the vision in several parts then you can expand your imagination to understand the vision.
2. Try to understand it in parts – it may be difficult for you to understand the vision as a whole and that is why you must break the vision into parts. Try to understand each part. When you understand each part then you will be able to work effectively.
3. Pick one part at a time – even after understanding each part, it is still important for you to take one part at a time. It can be easy to work on when you take one part of the vision at a time. Don’t bite more than you can chew as they always say.
4. Find faithful and able people – no matter how much of your vision you understand, you will need people to work on the vision with you. And you must also know that it is not just about getting anybody. That is why I said you should get faithful and able men to work on the vision with you.
5. Communicate the vision to the people you found – one of the most important things you will be able to do as a man of vision is to communicate the vision that you carry clearly to other people. Your ability to communicate the vision will, to a great extent, determine if the vision will succeed or not.
6. Take small actions daily – this is not the last thing you can do but on my list of recommendations for now, it is. You have to take small actions on daily basis that will lead you to your desired vision. When you take small actions daily, you would have achieved a lot before you know it but when you refuse to act, the vision will remain very big and intimidating.
There is no vision that is so big that cannot be achieved. All you will have to do is to understand it, communicate it, get the right team and act daily on that vision.
Do you have any big vision? Go ahead and act on it right now!
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