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The moment you receive a vision there are certain things you will have to do because of that vision. If you don’t do those things then you should not expect the vision to become a reality. It’s like becoming pregnant. The moment a woman becomes pregnant, there are certain things the woman must to in order to carry the baby to term and experience a safe delivery. Failure to do those things will compromise the safety of both the baby and the mother.
You must also see yourself as a pregnant woman once you carry a vision. In the case of pregnancy, your diet changes. You watch what you eat and drink. You stop doing certain things you were doing. Your vision will also cause a change in your life style. There are certain things you used to do but you have to stop them because of your vision. There are things you weren’t doing but you now have to start doing them so that the vision can become a reality. What are those things you have to do because of your vision? Some of them include but are not limited to:

  1. Walking with God – God is the giver of the vision in the first place and you must admit that to get to the final destination of the vision, you need God all the way. He sees the end from the beginning and can always take you through all the rough paths of the vision. His guidance will be crucial. Every vision has its challenges and you can imagine how terrible it will be when you pursue a vision that will come with challenges without involving God. You can get to points where there seems to be no road but he will show you the way where there is no way. With the guidance of God, you will do things that are not working for other people but they will work for you. Don’t forget that the supernatural also controls the natural so you need the supernatural power of God in order to be unstoppable in the fulfilment of your vision. A vision will make you walk closely with God for that vision to be fulfilled.


  1. Working for God – A true vision from God is meant to serve the purpose, intent and agenda of God. So if your vision will serve the purpose of God, how can you accomplish that without working for God? A vision will get you more committed to working for God. There’s a huge difference between walking with God and working for God. We all begin with walking with God and as we begin to walk closely with God, we move higher to working for him without jeopardizing our walk with him. The walk with God is about getting to know him and discovering the many parts of God. The work for him is about serving him so when you undertake the task of pursuing a vision, it is a work for God. That’s why a vision will make you work for God.


  1. Developing yourself – You can’t accomplish the task that your vision requires if you don’t develop yourself. You have to develop yourself by learning more about your field. You will have to read wide or take new trainings just to be able to do something better. Sometimes you have to learn entirely new skills to get something done. I have heard about some actors and actresses who have had to learn new skills just to play a role in a movie. They spend weeks on the training and some spend months just to play a role. You will have to learn everything that is required to make you a better person and become more effective in what you do.


  1. Studying hard – Reading is a habit for people of vision. If you want to lead you must read. Reading can put you ahead of your peers and deliver you from unimaginable consequences. I keep remembering how Dr. David Oyedepo makes references to the extensive study and research that he did before the commencement of Covenant University in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. When you read you will stand out and a vision will make you read as much as you can and as long as you can’t even imagine. To even make it easier for you to accomplish your vision, read from those who have gone ahead in order to avoid their mistakes. Read will help you achieve your vision faster. At every new phase, you already know what to expect and how to respond to situations because you have already read what is needed for that situation. If you don’t read ahead of the situation, the solution may be too late. When you read before the situation arises, your situation arrives on time.


  1. Becoming diligent – Lazy people can receive visions but only diligent people can accomplish the vision. You will have to work very hard and spare many sleepless nights for the vision to become a reality. You will have reasons to be tired but the vision will keep you going. There are times when your body will be extremely tired but when you remember the vision, you will be re-energized and you will return to the field because of the vision. Anyone who is not ready to work will only fantasize about a vision. They will speak eloquently about the vision and how everything will look when the vision is accomplish but such visions hardly become a reality. Why’s that? It’s because you must work for your visions to become a reality so you will become diligent because of a vision.


  1. Planning – You can’t accomplish any vision in life without planning and every achiever is a planner. To achieve your visions, you will need to have a plan. There has to be a strategy. You simply can’t share your visions with other people and not be able to tell them what your plans are. In fact, as soon as you share the vision, the questions that will follow will be in life with your plans. How do you intend to achieve that vision? What will be your next step? Who are the people who will help you work on the vision? What’s the essence of the vision and how will it impact other people? A Vision will make you plan if you really want to achieve the vision.


  1. Setting goals – From planning you will have to progress to setting goals. You can’t just have a plan on paper and not put definite dates and actions to those plans. Every vision that will be accomplish must be broken into small goals. That’s how you measure your progress in life and with the vision you are pursuing. Everyone you see with a vision has a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. With goals regarding a vision, you know when you are on track and when you are lagging behind. You also know if you’re moving faster than the plan and if you can take on some other things so you finish earlier than planned.


  1. Submitting to mentors – I already mentioned there can be frustrations just because of a vision. That’s why you need God. You should also note that God has made some people go through what you’re about to go through so you can learn from their experiences. That’s also the reason you should read from people. Thankfully, some of the people who have gone through what you need to start going through are still alive and you can meet with them to ask more questions. You will be able to glean from their wisdom. There are things you will want to do in a certain way but the experience and wisdom of mentors can tell you where to go. In some cases, what you need is the encouragement of your mentors to be able to stay in the place of vision and make it happen. When you think that what you’re going through is tough, a mentor might just share an experience with you and you will realize that what you call tough is nothing compared to what others have gone through.


  1. Labouring in the place of prayers – You will recall I said the supernatural controls the natural. There are times you will see things that are beyond your physical control. Some issues will surpass your mental capacity. Some other issues will just mess up your intelligence but when you take these issues to God in prayer, these issues will become plains even when they remain mountains to others. A vision will make you labour in the place of prayers. There are physical and spiritual forces. Both physical and spiritual forces can come against your vision but when you take issues into the place of prayer, neither the physical or spiritual forces can withstand you. I have also read in the Bible that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. These are issues you don’t deal with by speaking eloquently. You deal with such issues by speaking in tongues and praying fervently.


  1. Making you cry – Visions can make you cry. You will get to a point where you don’t understand anything. You can seem frustrated and you may not even have an idea how to proceed. So one of the things you should expect is that a vision will make you cry. I have cried before because of my visions. After crying, I would get up and continue with what needs to be done. You are also permitted to cry because of your vision but when you’re done crying, you still have to get up and do the needful. When you’re done crying because of someone who disappointed you, get up and start looking for new people who will help you make it happen. When you’re done crying over the things you’ve done and someone suddenly messed up, get up and start it all over again. Crying can be part of the process and you must not stop with crying. Just remember that visions can make you cry and you will still accomplish the vision.


  1. Taking you to hard places before landing you in great places – Visions don’t take you straight to great places. You may first land in a hard place. Landing in hard places will also happen repeatedly before you are landed in a great place. Joseph in the Bible first landed in a pit. When he got out, the next landing place was a city where he was sold to as a slave. As if that was not enough, he landed in prison. All these also took some years before he finally landed in the palace. David also visited the bush, caves and war zones severally before settling in the palace. Don’t expect that because you now have a vision, everything will be rosy and nothing will be hard or difficult. Your vision will make you go to the hard places first. Those are your bus stops. The stop overs in the hard places are compulsory stop overs so get ready for them.


  1. Waiting on God – In all of the processes, waiting on God will become very important and that’s one thing your vision will make you do. Sometimes when you want something to happen faster, you may not understand that the vision is simply teaching you how to wait on God. You may wonder why things are not working. You may ascribe everything that’s not working to the activities of the enemies. These things may be true and in some cases, God just wants you to learn how to wait on him and trust completely in him. When men make some bold moves, God just keeps watching. You can try everything that you want but nothing will happen and nothing will work. The only time you will get results is when God is ready so if you don’t learn how to wait on God for your visions, you will wear yourself our and still not achieve anything. It is great wisdom to know when to stop struggling.


  1. Becoming selfless – A true vision is first about other people so a vision will make you become selfless. You will eventually benefit from the vision but you are to first of all use the vision for the benefit of other people. You can’t claim that you have received a vision when all the vision does is to serve your personal purpose and interest. That’s not a vision. That’s an ambition. There are several great visionaries in this world and you will notice one thing about them. They all serve other people before serving their interests. Where money is involved, you will see true visionaries returning the money into the cause so that they can reach out to more people. Until they have made indelible marks in the lives of people, you don’t see visionaries amassing wealth for themselves. No matter how much you achieve, you are constantly thinking about other people. The more resources you get, the more you think about other people and the more you pour yourself into them just for them to also become better people. If there’s a cause that makes you think more about yourself, don’t call that a vision because it is not. A vision certainly helps you become selfless.


  1. Expanding your mindset – With all the things that you will come across, your mindset will be expanded. A vision will put pressure on your mind. Visions will place a demand on your intellectual capacity. A vision will place a demand on your prowess. As you respond to the demands of the vision, your mindset expands. In the cause of responding to visions, some mindsets will be broken and some new mindsets will be formed. You need to prepare for a learning and unlearning process when handling a vision if you want to see the vision materialize. If you keep or intend to retain a formed mindset to achieve some visions, you will never achieve the vision. So your best bet is to keep your mind open so that your mindset can expand and you can get your desired results.


  1. Becoming sensitive to times and seasons – Visions are timed and they have their own seasons. If you miss the season or timing of the vision, there may be nothing you can do in some cases. Some other visions can still be accomplished but the great opportunities that should have made the vision very great could have been lost. It’s just better you don’t miss the times and seasons of your vision. You don’t know what can happen or what may not happen. Because of vision, you will become very sensitive to times so that things can happen when they should.


  1. Taking full advantage of opportunities – Your visions will make you take full advantage of opportunities that come your way. If you don’t know how to maximize opportunities, well, you better start doing so because that’s one thing you need for your vision. One of the differences between those who will accomplish their visions and those who will not will be the opportunities they maximize or mess up. In order for you to maximize opportunities, you have to live prepared! You are daily going out prepared to meet opportunities. You wake up daily with the expectation of the right opportunities. When people give you five minutes of their time, you are ready to take full advantage of that time. When people ask you to speak for ten minutes, you don’t say it’s too small! You tell them that’s more than enough and by the time you finish, they are the ones asking you to keep talking because they want to hear more. You never can tell who, you will meet that will facilitate the accomplishment of your vision. So you will have to be prepared always when you say that you have a vision.

Now you know and understand the things that a vision will make you do. If you haven’t started doing these things, get ready and start doing them as soon as possible. You need to know that the call to take on a vision is such a great call. Visions will always present great opportunities and at the same time present numerous challenges. Those challenges are nothing compared to the opportunities that lie ahead but the challenges come first. So if you can scale the hurdles that come first, you can’t meet the opportunities. Your vision can become a reality so long as you are willing to work at it. No matter how big you think your vision is, you can make it happen despite your limited resources at the moment. If you can take to heart and start doing all these things that a vision will make you do, then you can achieve that vision.

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