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We find it easy to tell people how insignificant what we have are or how infinitesimal they are. We always talk about the negligible status of the things that we carry and desperately yearn for the possession of another thing while still carrying the one we call insignificant. No matter how insignificant or useless what we carry seems to be we need to understand that it is still what we really need to get started in life and it is not what we do not have that has gotten us stuck where we are. It is what we have that we are not using.
You can easily find people talking about the car they don’t have, the shoes they have not bought, the clothes they are still looking forward to, they kind of meals they would like to have, the kind of houses they would love to live in, the kind of people they would love to meet and the kind of places where they want to be seen. It’s not that office space that you do not have that is stopping you from starting the business. It is your mind that is stopping you from starting the business. It is not the money you don’t have that will not let you get anything started. It is the small ability in you that you have not put to use that has not allowed the money that you need to come around.
What we need to do is to start something with the little that already exists and see how much more we can access when the little is put to use. There is a principle that guides this and you can call it the law of use. I want to call it the law of use for some reasons. First it is what you use that lets people know what you do. What they see you do is what they will come and pay you for. What people are paying you for is what will be enlarged in your hands and then you can use the resources that have come in as a result of the use of the first one you had to go after the things that you thought you need. Certain people should also know what you have and this will help you understand why a widow in the Bible couldn’t get help until she mentioned what she had. There are people we will meet in our lives who will be in a position to spark off something that will be an explosive experience but that experience will only depend on what we tell them that we have.
When I started out in Public Speaking I didn’t know so much about entrepreneurship and I think that helped me in a way. If I had know something about business I probably would have started out thinking about money to rent an office space and materials to work with but I didn’t. I jokingly said to people, ‘my head is my head office and my room is my branch because that is where my computer is.’ In other words I had the mindset that pushed me away from focusing on the things I did not have at that time and worked with only my computer and my mouth. After using my computer and my mouth so well the other things I needed began to surface. Today I have published books, been on radio and consistently appear on television. The resultant effect from that is having people who have watched the TV broadcasts calling me to request my services but let’s note that I started with the seemingly insignificant which helped me to get the significant thing I still looked forward to.
So many of us have to begin to scrutinize the multiplier effects in the seemingly tiny seeds that we carry in our hands can produce if only we put them to use. In some cases what we have may truly be what someone else needs and that person also has what we need. What should be done is to let people know what we have so that we can use it as a leverage to get what we want. For years I can tell you from experience that there are people I have wanted to do business with but the reason I couldn’t do business with them is that I don’t really know what they do. For some it can be embarrassing to ask them what they do especially if there is nothing in the tone of the conversation that will lead to a business discussion and you do not want to embarrass them. When people do not talk about what they do simply because they think it is not good enough they are constantly short changing themselves and closing up doors of opportunities right in front of them.
Sometimes you just cannot tell who’s standing next to you and if you will succeed with the little that you have first you must believe that whatever you start with the little can yield and if only you will do something there will be a greater result which you can them use to get more and more until you get to the level of abundance. This is a statement consequent upon the fact that even a tree stump and the scent of water can still live again. Your action is the only lever that your ability needs to get you the results that you desire.
Whatever it is that you have must be worked on because the only way to have more is to start something with what you already have. You cannot afford to do nothing while waiting for what you do not have because when what you desire comes around it is your previous work that will qualify you for it. That relates to how the labour market also works. If you say you don’t have a job and you do nothing because you don’t have a job you need to know that your doing nothing will affect you when you eventually get an opportunity. One of the questions they will ask you is ‘what have you been doing since you left school or since you quit your last job?’
You have all you need to get started even if you don’t have all you need to finish it.
The key issues here therefore are:
1.) What you don’t have is not the problem but what you have that you do not put to use.
2.) No matter how small your resource or ability is it needs you to believe in it.
3.) Nothing bigger will come until you use the small one that you have.
4.) Let people know what you have and what you do so that they know where to come in.
5.) You can only get recommendations for the things that you publicise.
6.) You cannot afford to do nothing while waiting for what you don’t have because you do not qualify for more when you have not started anything.
Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

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