What were you sent to say? – Fola Daniel Adelesi

In the days of Martin Luther, he found that message of hope for slaves and blacks and did not hesitate to deliver message the message to his world not minding the potential cost – his life – in view. It was for that message that he lived and even died. Several years after his death, it is for the same message that we still celebrate him.
Nelson Mandela found a message of fighting to finish until freedom for the blacks in South Africa was guaranteed and the people eventually embraced him as a leader after he walked out of prison in a grand style to become the president of a nation for which he almost lost his life.
I have ultimately come to realize that there is nobody who becomes relevant to his or her generation without a revelation for the same generation. An ambition in your generation only makes you a successful person who has personal satisfaction and most likely does not need to depend on the government to be fed or to do most things that human beings need to do in life. That is the limit to your ambition. The only thing that makes you relevant is the revelation that you have because the revelation is broken down into a vision and after being broken down to a vision it is also sustained by a vision.
If you want to make a mark in your generation then you cannot be saying what everyone is saying and doing only what everyone is saying. You need to find a niche like the people in the corporate world would say but there is more to finding a niche for yourself. Here we are talking about something that you were given to say to your generation.
What is that message that gives you a unique voice in your generation? You will only have a different voice in your generation when you have that different message that you were asked to deliver to your generation.
Everybody who has become relevant, at least that I know about, did not come to the centre stage of life to say what every other person has said. They had something new to say. The likes of ‘Wright’ brothers had something new to say when everyone said nothing will fly in the air. The likes of Albert Einstein have something new to say. The likes of Bill Gates have something new to say. The likes of Warren Buffet have something new to say to their generation. The likes of Leke Alder, Bishop David Oyedepo, Poju Oyemade, Gbenga Sesan, Korede Asuni, Busola Adams, Oyinkansola Alabi, Sijuade Otegbeye, Damola Adewole, Les Brown, Bill Winston and many more have something that people in their generation are not saying.
Apart from having something to say, it is often more interesting to realize that you are the only one who can say it right if it is what you were sent to say. If it is not what you were sent to say you will say it anyhow and you may end up being embarrassed because of trying to preach another man’s message or speaking what someone else was sent to say.
Find out what you were sent to say to your generation. No matter how simple it sounds in the ears of many it will always be like a revelation – something new. Something coming out of what they have always seen but have not perceived the way you say it. If it is your word it will only sound nice in your mouth. What were you sent to say?


  1. thanks for that like you just pressed the horn in my head. i will speak what my craetor has sent me to speak so that the world would be moved by my speech through christ.
    i like to talk on financial breakthrough via network marketing
    another is personal development in human resources that defining who we ARE Being who we shud be not what we shud be.

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