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For many people, this seems like just another year. They think nothing can change in this year just as the other ones did not offer them much but if they will commit to doing something differently they will also see a different year. If you make up your mind to do something other than what you have always done then your results will be different.
Too many people just run into the year and there are no real goals or aspirations set for the year. They say they want to take things as they come but you can say you want to take things as they come and expect something really great from the year.
For me, I want to do new businesses. I have been rendering some services but I have thought about the need to separate those services as stand-alone businesses. This will place more demand on my abilities, help me to be more professional and at the end of the day I can be more productive and hopefully add to the economy through my business and by employing people.
You also should have a plan about something you will do differently. It could be your business that you will be doing in a different way and it could be the service that just needs to be rendered in a more appealing manner to your clients.
Some of you will need to take your relationships seriously and treat the people in your life with more respect. Take care of them and show them some love while they are still alive instead of losing them and showing all the affection.
I bet you have new opportunities waiting for you. I like that passage of the Bible that says ‘blessed be God who daily loads us with benefits.’ It means everyday has something unique, as prepared by God, for us. It then means you can’t let this year go just like that. There are loads of benefits in it for you.
However, if those benefits will become real for you it is important to do something differently. It may require changing some people in your network, especially if they are not adding any value to you and they always take from you. You need some beneficial relationships.
Please do not misunderstand the concept of beneficial relationships. It does not mean you will only relate with those who have something to offer you. There are those who will not have anything to offer but you should not let them ruin you.
I want to also implore you to take planning seriously in this year. Many live better when they have a clear plan and they follow that plan. If you really have no idea regarding planning then you can get help some those who understand how to plan. Let them help you plan and follow through in this year.
If you have been sitting idle in the past years and waiting for opportunities, this is the time to create those opportunities you have been looking for. I know so many people pray for helpers but you just might be your own helper if you look inwards, as I always say, and bring out the best in you.
There is more to you than what you currently see or that others see in you. make sure you do something different this year so you can have a different result.

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