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Someone needs to talk to this noodle generation or smart phone generation where everything is about fast this or fast that. We want everything at the snap of a finger. We have already begun to think that life is like a smart phone even before the smart phones became popular. We want everything to respond at a touch. There’s hardly anyone who can wait anymore for anything. People now easily conclude that if it is not working yet then it is not worth it.
If you will ever make anything meaningful out of your life then you need to note that all the things that are worthwhile are also worth waiting for. If you can’t wait for it then you are really not interested in it. If you will cut corners to get so quickly then you are not looking for the real thing that you need.
One of the most important values of any man is patience and endurance. The moment we lost the patience to wait or the patience to endure, things became terrible. How did we start talking about corruption in government or in public offices? It is because people can no longer wait. They can wait in that process of start small, investing in something and then making some money after a while. They want it now. They want it quick.
Is that not why some people have also started killing to get into office? They know that there are people who might block their chances of getting into office. They may not get there in this election but if they wait they can get there in the next election. Unfortunately most people can’t wait. They would rather kill than wait.
What is it that you want in life? You have to be careful about not willing to wait for something you truly want. If you are not willing to wait, you might end up hurting someone to get it or someone else hurts you in the process of getting it.
Sometimes, a little traffic starts building up and you see too many people can’t wait for just a few minutes and allow the traffic to clear up easily. They are always in hurry and always wanting everything now.
Just as the road safety officials are always warning us that over speeding kills, let me remind you that when you are too much in a hurry in life, you are also likely to be killed by over speeding. We waited through school to get our degrees. We waited through courses to get certifications. We went through tests to get licenses. All that should show you that you have to go through something for what you want.
Don’t jump to conclusions that life is not worth living or you have to do something drastic just because life seems to be treating your colleagues well and fortune has not favoured you yet. Before you jump out to say you can’t endure anything anymore, do you realize that some of the people you intend to imitate are actually living a false life? They may have made you think that everything is rosy for them and that all is well. They will not show you the dark side of things and then you get into some shady deals because you want to prove you have arrived.
Some people can’t wait in their marriages anymore. Some people can’t wait in their places of work even though they do not have other skills they can fall back on or plans they can work with. You have to be willing to endure something in life. Don’t ever be deceived. If anyone has ever told you that you can get everything instantly, that person is about to introduce you to fraud! That person will lead you nowhere but jail.
There is nothing worthwhile that you will not have to wait for. Our mothers and fathers waited nine months to see who we are. When we were formed, we also waited nine months to see the world we were coming into. You had to wait to grow as well. You didn’t grow instantly. You endured the process. That is a life-long process and lesson which also shows that we have to be able to wait and endure in life.
You should also not think that you are under a spell and that’s why everything is not working. I don’t rule out the possibility of a spell but life always has waiting points for all of us just as it has rewards for us to. You should note that only those who endure the waiting process will enjoy the rewards. If you are not willing to endure then you will not enjoy the results of the endurance.
Check for every endurance that is necessary and make sure you grow through it so that you can enjoy later. 

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  1. I hold on to the last sentence. Endurance that is NECESSARY! There are some endurance in relationship that will lead to slavery, threat and sorrow… Check! They might not be according to the will of God for you to endure there. Good morning!
    Salute you sir,Mr Fola.
    Brighter day ahead…….!

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