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Many of us don’t like where we are or what got us into those situations. For that reason, we continue to whine and never see what we can make out of the situation. We blame all those who got us into the situation and keep look forward to the very day we will get out of it. We just never think there is something that can come out of it.
I have come to see that if we are going to move forward in life at all, we need to be able to make the most of the situation regardless of how we got into that situation. There are those who have made sure that nothing in their past hinders the possible progress in their future.
Unfortunately, there are those who don’t realize that there is any future just because of the past that they have had. They keep looking around for who to blame and feel good for their predicament.
Have you ever solved any problem or moved forward in life just by finding the right person to blame and feeling good? You can’t. so it means that there has to be more to all the things you are going through even if it was someone who got you there.
I was listening to one of my revered teachers, Reverend Sam Adeyemi as he taught in a different dimension about Joseph’s attitude while in slavery and in prison. Many easily remember how he moved from prison to palace overnight. Then we forget his attitude since he got to a land where he was a slave.
He could have been bitter. He had a right to be depressed and only be praying until the day a miracle will happen so he can leave the foreign land and not be a slave anymore. What did he do? He still served at every chance he got and he kept moving on in life.
For many of us, we will never look inward to see what we have left even in the situation that we are in. we just keep looking at what we can get and who to hold responsible for our predicament.
There is something you can do with the little that you have. Even when it looks like you have nothing, you can still do something in that situation. It’s important to begin to look at what to make of the situation or what you can do where you are right now.
Many of us always think about how to get out. We just want to get out and get out almost immediately. We have forgotten that we are in a phase that we can’t skip. If we go through this phase and go through it the right way then we will get the results we have always wanted.
What situation are you in right now? Where do you want to be tomorrow? What are you going to do right now so that you don’t remain where you are when tomorrow comes? You really have a choice in deciding how to move forward. The first is to forget how you got to where you are even if people hurt you and the other is to hold unto the fact that they hurt you while more important details of your future are slipping by.
I want to implore you to not let the future you have slip by just because of the past you have already lost.

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