What’s the meaning of Courage? – Fola Daniel Adelesi

One of the most important questions that we need to ask at the moment is if we really understand the meaning of courage despite the fact that the dictionary defines it and we all seem to be able to identify it when we see it.
You wake up everyday hearing about taking courage to do somethings and you find people who have enough courage to get out of the house to look for jobs. Some seem to have the courage to remain where they are and not the courage to go where they really need to go. Some seem to have the courage to shout and others have the courage to smile in the face of adversity. When everything is obviously wrong some have the courage to hope. When it never looks like anything will work some have the courage to keep working.
I am beginning to feel like someone who knows what it means to be courageous but I have gotten into some serious situations that leave me with the question of where to place myself. There are times I do not think I have the courage to call myself a courageous person and I still do not have the courage to call myself a fool. So what then is courage. Is it about the strength to do something?
Could it be that that the right way to explain courage is to say that it is the ability to do something? If it is about abilities or what you do and what you refuse to do then I think we need to change our line of thoughts. In some cases of life I would like to define courage as the ability to keep quiet. In some phases of life I should say that courage is the ability to keep looking at what you see even without an understanding of the meaning of what is obvious. In this context courage would mean the ability to talk about what you see and not what is obvious.
I used to think I have courage because everyone seemed to define courage using the word “boldness” but then I get into some phases and realized that boldness is not synonymous to courage because you can better explain courage as facing what scares you without expressing your fears!
In the bid to help you better on this you need to admit that the so called courageous people could be the most fearful people but rather than express their inner fears they act or simply do not act so that their fears will not be obvious.
In my own words, courage is not boldness but the ability to go on without expressing fear even though the fear is somewhere inside you.
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