What’s wrong with our leadership? | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in this nation! We have people in Leadership positions that you cannot call leaders, simple issues become so complex, fixing a problem becomes a problem, we tag every issue that requires decisive actions with religious, tribal or ethnic colouration when it is obvious our leaders – sorry, these people – simply don’t know what to do!
Common carbon copy! – Our leaders – sorry, those people – cannot do! At least someone said copyright is the right to copy! They go to US, UK and other countries and still don’t have enough common sense to copy right for us! Haba!
And we have more than 40 people in Mr. Presidents cabinet, 109 Senators, Over 300 house of representatives’ memebers, 36 state governors, 774 local government chairmen, how many special advisers and perm. Seconds?
We need a revolution!
Fola Daniel Adelesi
+234 803 416 3006


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