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A few years back I heard a very simple but profound story of affirmation from a foremost motivational speaker in Nigeria and it has always worked for so many people. It was Reverend Sam Adeyemi who said, ‘someone called you a fool. You will now turn around and say, ‘me! A fool? You call me a fool? Me, a fool?’ The person who called you a fool only said it once but you have it with your mouth three times then you will now act like a fool by going ahead to slap the person or doing some other nasty things.
What is your affirmation? What are the things that you are saying to yourself on daily basis about your life and your situation? Are you saying good things about your life or you are just affirming the negative situation of life to yourself?
Long ago I use to hear people talk about themselves and they will say, ‘we the poor people are suffering and the government is not helping us.’ I removed myself from that list. Anytime I now hear someone say we the poor people or we the masses I just ask the person to speak for him or herself. As for me, I am not a part of the poor people or the masses. I am also not saying that because I have some billions physically in my account. But you need to know that what I have in terms of intellectual resources and vision are a lot more than the physical cash and as I make demands on them, they translate to cash.
Too many of us affirm the present situations in our lives and we ultimately limit ourselves by temporary problems. Just because we can’t open our minds, or take up our eyes to see a little further down the road, we fix ourselves permanently into a temporary situation with our affirmations.
There are too many people who are saying the wrong things to themselves and they are wondering why things are not changing. Some of our young ladies out of frustration have said, ‘ah, I am finished! John has gone. I will never get another man to love me like John. In fact, there are no other men.’ Now someone makes that kind of statement and a few months down the line is expecting men to start coming. You have forgotten you said you were finished. To get a different result you should not only change your actions you have to change your affirmations.
A number of people in this country have also been saying nothing works in this country. You keep saying nothing works in this country and you don’t realize that your brain is taking that message in. so you decide to start a business later and your mind keeps telling the business that nothing works. You don’t even remember what you said but the things you affirmed to yourself are the things happening in your business.
There is such an amazing power in the things that you constantly confirm or reinforce to your mind. When you hear things that you do not like, you should not say them with your mouth or repeat them to yourself. When you repeat them you are giving them the permission to take effect in your life.
Keep saying things are heard and that is what your entire system will believe and work with. So your mind thinks that nothing gets done the easy way. It always has to be the hard way. If your affirm to yourself that things are easy, you will come to realize how cheap those things can become.
If you have a child that seems to be lagging behind, don’t call that child names like many of our own parents did for us. What you say to your own child is a personal affirmation for your future. You are making an investment for your future and very soon you just might have a drop out.
You don’t have to join people to say what they are saying. Use the gate keeping theory as we do in the communication or journalism field. Filter what is allowed to get into your mind, take root and repeats itself to you constantly.
Remember, what you affirm is what you confirm and that’s what you get in life.

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