What’s your communication plan? | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Communication plan? What’s that? Is there anything like a communications plan and do I really need one? Before you ask if you need one just remember that the three top reasons marriages and relationships are breaking are money, sex, and communication! If communication is one of the main reasons relationships are breaking, then it is important to make a deliberate effort to communicate with the people we claim to love.

Some people know what to say and can articulate it but they don’t because there is no communication plan. It is because you do not have a communications plan that you only tell your wife or husband ‘I love you’ only when you remember to do so. If there is a communications plan in place, you will remember from time to time to innovatively tell your spouse ‘I love you.’

The innovation and creativity part of conveying the same message for several years is so important that you cannot afford to miss it. I know a lady whose husband tells her repeatedly that he loves her. When she hears that, she simply says, ‘I know that already.’ Now that’s something some other people are looking forward to that they do not hear or hardly hear. Now someone else is getting it and is saying she knows that already. That simply tells you it is not enough to say it. It must be said in creative ways in order to give the expression of love a new power.

First, how can you create a communications plan with your spouse? it is nothing complex and you can simply create one for yourself to be more effective in telling your spouse about your love. A basic communications plan for couples will show:

1.     How often you will affirm your love to each other

2.     Different ways to communicate your love

3.     Reminders to affirm your love

For example, can you set some weekly reminders to tell you to send a beautiful love message to your spouse? or can you automate a love message carefully crafted that goes out to your spouse on a scheduled date and time?

Are there activities you have to engage in? What can or should you do very often in order to keep your communications strong? When do you get to turn off the phones and be alone together or when are you going to stay away from the TV and just listen or talk to your spouse?

It is really amazing that we plan for every other thing together but we hardly create a communications plan which helps us bond more than most of those external things we are doing. You will be making an effort to strengthen your relationship with your spouse if you develop a communications plan that you both follow.

We live in a time when technology is supposed to bind us together but it seems to be tearing us apart. You see so many couples who are mostly together but their phones are in their hands creating an invisible wall. That means we are physically together but mentally far apart.

If your relationship is important to you and your partner, you will have to come up with a strategy to communicate often so that your love can remain intact. 


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