When a poor man hates a rich man! | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

It is pure ignorance that will make a poor man hate a rich man because if you understand how some of life’s principles work, then you will know that you cannot attract something by hating it. I remember that when I was just growing my friends and I would see some cars around us and we would stand on the major road while returning from school to say that the beautiful cars belong to us. We would allow any car that we did not see as beautiful to go by without saying a word but when we saw the nice ones we all tried to claim it as ours at the same time. I think we were young and innocent with very pure minds at that time! We knew very little about hating anyone just because they were rich so we looked at them and we loved them for their wealth!
Things took a different for some of those young people as they grew older and could easily remember the conversations of their parents. It was so because some of their parents who found it a little difficult to pay school fees or pay other bills began to pollute the minds of their children by making them think that those who could afford anything or everything were the people stealing the country’s money and that’s why they are poor. Some parents have consciously or unconsciously planted the seed of hatred in the minds of their innocent children against anyone who is rich and so the children unknowingly get into the circle of poverty for the rest of their lives
It’s a must for you to appreciate what you want to attract in life! If you want wealth you must appreciate it! You cannot afford to speak against wealth anytime you see it! I know that there are people stealing money from the government and are not allowing the nation’s resources to get to the right people in the right proportion but we should never make it look like it is everyone who is successful that has stolen money to make it in life! Stop giving poverty a right to remain in your life by making it look like it is the poor people who are holy or clean and have not stolen money or that they are poor because they never stole. I should also say that there are some people who are simple poor for now because they have not gotten the chance to steal!
Always remember that life works by principle and you always attract the things that you desire but will never attract the things that you detest and also do not speak well of. If you want to be rich you also must understand that you need to learn the secrets of wealth from someone who has become wealthy or who knows the secrets and is on his way to wealth. Stop going around claiming that every rich man has stolen money and that you have not stolen money so that’s why you are not rich.
When we maintain a different perspective we will always see the positive things in life and we can also benefit from those positive things that we see. I remember reading the book ‘Acres of Diamond’ and the principle character in the book was looking for wealth elsewhere without knowing that he was sitting on the wealth that he was looking for.
You can actually be sitting on your wealth by hating anyone who is wealthy instead of trying to get so close in order to learn from them. When you hate someone you cannot learn anything from them so you have to do away with your hatred for anyone who is rich if you ever want to become rich. You have to unlearn some of the things that your parents have told you and when you unlearn that you will begin to learn afresh. Always remember that the more you hate someone just for being wealthy the more you will push the wealth away from you. Stop hating people just because they are wealthy and stop assuming that everyone who is wealthy must have stolen from someone or from the government! There are people who are legitimately wealthy so pray for your wealth, learn how to be wealthy by getting some financial intelligence, start something with what you have and continue steadily until you also become a wealthy person and don’t forget to help other people to rise!

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