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If you are reading this post then it means you are alive and all hope is not lost. Things can look very terrible but the only person whose situation cannot change is the one who is dead and buried. I had to place emphasis on ‘dead and buried’ because even the dead can come back to life.
I was on a live radio show yesterday and I was asked to encourage the people on what can be done when all hope is lost. They wanted to know what they can do if something goes wrong and how they can stay strong.
The first thing I told them to do it to take action. Yes! Take action when all hope seems lost. Many don’t understand that but I explained with what I call the law of deterioration. When you do not use something, it does not appreciate in value. It depreciates. It also means that when you refuse to do something about your situation, it will not get better. It will become worse so you must do something in order for the situation not to become worse.
You also have to get external motivation. Sometimes we are like the batteries of a car. You know that the battery of a car can run down. Once the battery of a car runs down you will often get someone to charge the battery and bring it back to life. Once the battery comes back to life then the car can come alive.
There are times we will not be able to come back to life on our own when in troubled times. We will need that jolt from an outside force in order to get back to life. Once that is done then you are good to go.
Another thing you really have to do is to keep your focus and not look down. Down bow your head in discouragement and take your eyes of the future goals and dreams and aspirations. Once you take your eyes off the future goals and dreams and aspirations, you will begin to go down and also stay down. An example is Peter in the Bible. When Peter focused on Jesus he kept walking on water – doing the impossible – but the moment he took his eyes of Jesus he started sinking. If you look down you go down but if you look up you stay up.
You have to renew your hope with inspiration of the future. What new goals can you create? What picture of the future do you have in mind that can inspire you? It’s important to remember that if you have nothing to look forward to in life then you have no reason to stay alive. Sometimes people die on hospital beds and in other places not because it is their time to die. They die because there is nothing for them to look forward to in life anymore. There are some who should have died but did not die because they have something to look forward to.
The other important thing I have always shared is that you must strive for little progress in the beginning. Once you make the first little progress, it will encourage you to do the next and then do another one until you have something tangible. Most human beings are result or reward oriented. So we feel good when things work for us and we want to stay with those things that worked or do more of them.
I understand that things can be hard but indeed, all hope cannot be lost so long as you are alive. And to keep hope alive, you cannot sit and wait for results to come. You must get up and work out your desired hope and reality yourself.

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