When crying does not solve your problem! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

There are some people who have become specialists at crying. They cry about every little thing they are going through and they can cry from morning till night. Something goes wrong with their children, they cry. Something goes wrong at home, they cry. Something goes wrong in the office, they cry. They will always cry about every challenge or every problem as if they crying will solve the problem. I know we are human beings and we are truly emotional. A few things can happen that will be so painful but I really have not seen any problem that crying can solve. The easy way to know that crying does not solve problems is that the things you cried about yesterday are still there and they have not been solved to why cry again today!
If crying does not solve your problem then take action! I remember that very many years ago, as recorded in the Bible times, there were some people who were specialists at crying. They were professional mourners. If something bad happens in the community they would be there to cry and they can cry ceaselessly. There was a situation like that was recorded about the death of a woman’s child. As soon as it happened all the mourners had gathered and they had started crying professionally. As one of my pastors will say, some were crying in bass, tenor and soprano for the people.
When Jesus got to the house where someone had died, he told them to stop crying what the child is not dead. She’s only sleeping. If you are not a professional mourner and you hear that the person you are crying for is not dead, the first thing you would probably do is to ask questions. ‘Is it true,’ you would ask. These ones did not bother. In fact, they laughed at Jesus. Maybe they thought he was going to spoil business for them. They cried so much about something such that even when the solution to their problem came, they laughed at the solution.
Don’t join the category of people who cry so much about everything and they cannot tell when the solution arrives or they even laugh at the solution. I guess it’s okay to cry sometimes just because we are human beings and we must express from kind of emotion but after crying you need to take an action. The things you cried about yesterday remained the same because you cried and cried until it became a forgotten issue. You did not pray about it or consult other people about it. You simply carried and nothing changed. By now you should know that crying will not change things so you have to change your strategy for solving your problems.
What can you do when crying does not work because it will never work?
1. Wipe your tears when you are done crying
2. Cheer up because you cannot poison what you are about to do with a negative attitude.
3. Get good counsel about what to do next.
4. Move to and stay in the company of inspiring people.
5. Learn something new if you have to so that you will not be crying about the same thing again.
6. Ask yourself what you could have done better next time or why something went wrong in the first place.
Crying will only express your emotions but will never solve your problems. In all of the proven strategies for problem solving, crying has not been added to the list so stop crying and start taking action to fix the problems!
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