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There were several cases, as recorded, in the Bible where God spoke to people and gave them visions about what to do in a given time. Some of these people were so scared when they got the vision and God had to reassure them that everything was fine. When God gives you a vision, it can be so big that it will even scare you. If it is also a vision from God, it will outlast you and beat your imagination in so many ways. The vision will also be through you but not for you alone! Meaning that God takes delight in you and wants you to become an instrument through which He achieves a major goal! I like what God said to Joshua after giving him a vision. He said, ‘be strong and courageous!’ I always wonder why God will say be strong and courageous after giving someone a vision!
When God also gave Jeremiah a vision, he said something that we all need to pay attention to. It looked like Jeremiah didn’t consider himself fit for the vision at all but God said, ‘before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I knew you and ordained you a prophet unto nations.’ I guess Jeremiah was so scared that he probably never thought God would consider using him. Maybe he also thought there were many more qualified people but God was not interested in those people! God was interested in him and assured him that what he needs is already in him to perform.
Have you ever been scared about a vision you received before? Welcome to the club! Joshua, Jeremiah, Saul, Paul and several other people were once scared because of the vision they got from God. Some of them did not know what to do until God spoke again. Others thought they were too unworthy but God reassured them they were just perfect for what he wanted to do!
One of the things that fear signifies after receiving a vision that seems bigger than you is humility. It could also be that humility that made God give you the vision. When you understand that God saw your humility, you will have to keep the humility to see you through the vision! Saul was given the vision to lead a nation when he was humble but he became arrogant after the journey started.
Apart from fear or humility, you need to prepare your mind for the fact that any vision given to you will be bigger than you and will not be about you. And if the vision is bigger than you, whoever gave you the vision will have to take care of the vision by making provisions for it. There are many visionaries today who are so bothered about the vision they said they got from God. They keep running up and down as though they can help God to make things happen. Relax sir! Relax ma! You cannot help God! Your small head cannot accommodate the plans and deep purposes of God! You can only gain an insight and you will know more phase by phase! It will also take God himself to make things happen! God didn’t give you the vision because he thinks you have the resources and brain to get it done! He gave you the visions and then blessed you in accordance with the vision.
It’s always a great thing to live your life according to the vision from God and once your vision is truly from God, you have less things to worry about. If you give yourself a vision then you have a lot to worry about! Remember that the vision from God will also outlast you and you must never act like it is all about you!
God’s vision given to men will always stand out! You will need God himself, and none of your ability or intelligence or prowess to make it happen!.
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