When is the blame coming to you? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

You wake up to something that is not working and you have the government to blame. When you wake up to something that has gone wrong you will say our leaders are incompetent. If you are trying to do something and it is not working you will look around who ought to take the blame.
For some people, they will say the reason they don’t have a job is because the government has not given them a job but they have forgotten that it is not the government that is hungry. If anything happens to the wives of some people, it is the government. When some people cannot send their children to school, it is also the government. The same person who says that it is because of the government that he cannot send his children to school has more than two wives and maybe three children from each of them.
In your office it can be your board of directors or management or the CEO. One way or the other, you always have someone to blame for everything and unconsciously, that is the attitude of many of us.
When things go wrong, even under our roofs and right under our watch, we say it is the government that is sitting far away somewhere or the leaders and some other people. We don’t take the blame for anything.
Now you need to ask yourself when the blame is coming to you. Why is this important, if it is an issue at all? The problem is that when we fix the blame on other people we will expect them to proffer the solution. So we are not likely to do anything if those other people choose not to do anything.
So we all sit and wait and hope that the people we are blaming will realize their mistakes and then fix the issues that have become a problem to us.
But if we turn around and make the blame ours, we then begin to see the need to fix these things since we have accepted the blames. There are so many things we are complaining about that we can easily fix but we will never fix them because we have not accepted the blame for them.
This is one reason you should look around and see what you can do that you have not been doing. Don’t always look at what others are doing which they should not do or what they ought to do that they have neglected. What about you? What about the things you should do that you have not done?
You have to take responsibility for your life. Taking the responsibility is saying this thing is wrong and the other person may be doing something wrong to make things worse but what am I doing to make it any better?
Asking who did things the wrong way hardly fixes anything compare to asking who can do the needful to make things work. Often times, when you are looking for the person who did things the wrong way, it will be other people but when you are looking for the person who can do the needful, it will be you.
Let the blame stop going to others, not because they didn’t do anything wrong, but because what you do right is more important than what they have done wrong.

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