When others are zooming past you in life | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes it looks like you are on the slow lane in life. You are trying hard to accelerate but the pedal of life isn’t just responding. You have made several futile efforts and all you can do now is to watch others zoom ahead. For a while you tried to catch, especially seeing that the people who are getting ahead are not people who are better than you.
You have all the qualifications and you know what you should know. With the hope that things can get better, you have taken additional trainings and joined a few professional bodies. You have prayed and you have cried. You tried networking and you are just not moving ahead.
It probably has come to that point where the success or the progress of others has become a burden to you because it constantly reminds you of how you have been stuck on the same point for a long. So many people have tried to help you without any success and you can even help yourself.
While you are wondering what to do with yourself, you keep hearing the success story of other people on daily basis. ‘When will it be your turn?’ is the question on your mind. You found yourself hoping many times that things would change and it looked like things were about to change. You got some encouraging news and your energy level rose until it started dwindling again because nothing you expected happened.
Before you kill yourself just because others are zooming ahead in life and it doesn’t seem like you can do much, slow down. Yes, slow down and know that you are not the only one in that situation. You think everyone is going past you but there are several others behind you.
Having people behind you shouldn’t be a reason to stop aspiring but you should know that you still have some edge. I also think that when you look only at those who are zooming past you, there is the possibility of losing some vital things that can give you the speed that you need in life.
Let’s say that this was a real driving situation and other cars are overtaking but you can’t move very fast, what will be your first action? You check the lights on the dashboard to see if there is any signal you have been ignoring. If the dashboard doesn’t proffer any solution then you park the car and check the gear oil. When you have checked everything that needs to be checked and you have done the needful, you put the car back on the road. If it still does not perform then you need to get a mechanic to fix it. In the case of an emergency, you will have to get into another car that can move really fast.
That’s what we need to do in life. Rather than just look at those moving up the ladder of life while we seem to be stuck, we must check our engines to see if there is anything wrong. Our engine in life would refer to having the needed wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Do you have the right skills needed in that direction that you are accelerating towards? What are cut out for? What are you wired to do? Are you headed in the right direction?
When you have checked all and everything is fine, then I think you will have nothing to worry about. It’s only a matter of time before you catch up with those who seem to have gone ahead.

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