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When pain surfaces we often think about discouragement and sometimes think about quitting. Sometimes we think we can bear the pain for a while. It may get to a level where the pain we experience becomes the reason we quit the things we have decided to do. I think that when we look in the other direction, pain can actually become the motivation for doing some of those things that we need to do.
I have seen a few people who did not give up in life and in businesses not because it was easy. They did not give up because the pains they went through started motivating them to do more. How did the pain motivate them to do more when they should actually give up? The main thing was what they focused on and were thinking about.
Those who could have looked at pains and give up began thinking that they had already suffered. So it will not be a good idea to suffer and still have nothing to show for all the things they suffered. They persisted in the pain because they feel that the result they will get out of the painful process will make their endurance worth it.
You may also think about this in light of a pregnant woman who is about to deliver a baby. You know that sometimes when there are no pains it can be a proof that something is wrong somewhere. So You will understand that since you carry a precious gift within you, pain will come somewhere along the line. It is that great vision or dream that is attracting the pain.
More importantly, when the woman is about to give birth the pains will increase just as thing may get tougher for you at some point. I think that when things get tougher then it may mean that you are close to what you are working towards.
There are those who give up because of the pains. But can you imagine a pregnant woman deciding to give up on birthing that child because the pain is too much? There is a risk for the child she’s carrying and there is a risk for her as well. Both of them can die.
If the woman goes into the labour room, instead of telling her to calm down and relax they will tell her to push. What! Why will they tell someone in pains to still push? It’s because the pain is a positive signal to the doctors and nurses. They can see things from a different perspective but the woman in pains will not see that. While the woman in pains thinks about getting rid of the pain, the doctors get a clearer understanding of what to do and how to help the woman depending on what kind of pain she complains about.
So in a way, they try to use the pain to encourage the woman that her joy is very close. You can also go through pains and using it as a positive signal for the breakthrough you are expecting. You may also go through it and just see it as the thing that discourages you. You have a choice but I will suggest that you allow the pain become a motivating force for you to succeed.
A lot of the great men and women that we know today are people who have had some serous pains but they made the pains their motivating force for something else. Eventually, that led them into greatness. Don’t let your pains determine the direction you turn to because you actually have the power to determine what direction you turn to and how the pains work for you or against you.

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