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There so many talented people in this world and I guess you will agree with that. Some of them are working very hard on their talents and some are not. There are those who are not leaving any stone un turned to make sure they make something out of life from their talents but something is still missing and that simple thing that is missing can take them places in their lives. When you have the talent and people truly agree that you are talented, you will need the kind of character that also matches your talent! Talent is not enough, as John Maxwell would say and I add, ‘without character.
If you really intend to go very far with your talent in life, you have to be very careful with the way you relate with other people. There are people who are watching you on daily basis and the way you talk to them, the way you treat them or respond to what they say or do to you matters a lot. If you do not commit it to heart to deliberately treat people well then you are already destroying everything you intend to build.
As a talented person, you have to work on your integrity. You have to ensure that what you say is what you mean and what you mean is exactly what you have said. It is very important for you to be very transparent in relating with people because some people will either come to negotiate for your talent or you will go to some people to negotiate with them based on your talent. If you do not have that needed integrity then you will ruin everything you want from them.
You have no right to insult people because you think you have a bright future and they appear as those who do not have any future. Your talent is a privilege and you must treat it as such especially because you have no idea where other people that you disdain today will be tomorrow. When you are a person of character, you will automatically open more doors for yourself coupled with the talent you already have. There several people who are talented but may not make a head way in life simply because of the way they relate with others.
No matter how talented you are in life, never allow your talent get in the way of your progress. Your talent is supposed to push you further in life and not make you retrogress but some people have destroyed themselves by not knowing how to build their character regardless of their talents. Some of the things I suggest you do as a talented person include:
1. You must have teachers or instructors who not only help refine your talent but can curb your excesses.
2. To do the first thing above you have to be willing to submit and must be teachable. Submission here is not just keeping shut so other others can talk and then you do what you please. Submission here is about allowing the wisdom of your instructors to check mate your own will.
3.When people complain about you, don’t just disregard it as a rumour. Don’t just take it as something coming from your enemies. Find out if it was just a misconception about you or a part of it is true. Be willing to clear the air and move. Make corrections where you have.
4. Never look down on others because of your own talents.
5. Build other people in the way you can and open up opportunities to them where you can. The people who rise through you will always remember you. Some of them may not but it is still not a reason not to continue to help other people rise when you have the chance.
Life is going to make a way for everyone who has talent and is working very hard on the talent but not without character. The interesting thing about talent is that God gives us talents and expects us to build our character so that the talent does not destroy us.
Build your character!
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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