When the bad folks change – Fola Daniel

I was returning from a meeting one day and I got a sachet of biscuits with a bottle of coke to ease the stress. I needed to regain some energy before moving ahead. As I crunched the pieces of biscuits in the sachet an idea dropped on my mind. It was such a great idea that I couldn’t wait to share it with somebody else.
I did not feel like dropping the sachet of biscuit on the floor not because it was wrong but because I saw a reason not to have done it. I was asking myself what a baby would suffer for my carelessness if it was dropped on the floor. Babies put nearly anything in their mouth because they do not know what arm it would cause to them. I also taught of something else. What if I was meeting somebody who is highyly revered in the society? What if I bring out the nylon of biscuits instead of my complimentary card? I would definitely be embarassed but I prefer to be embarrassed than to allow a baby die because I don’t want to be embarrassed.
Let’s hit the nail on the head. The sachet of biscuit I have been talking about refers to the people we call “bad guys”. Everyone throws them out because they do not want to be embarrassed by their acts but they have forgotten that just like I could have injured a baby with my sachet of biscuit they are injuring the society by throwing the bad people into the society. Throwing out the sachet(bad guys) saves us from temporary embarassment but that is like a seed sown in a distance which will germinate and would only bee seen at a time when we can cannot curb the growth.
I have seen bad guys turn pastors and lead people to God. I have seen bad guys become innovators that the society needs. While you keep yourself busy about somebody because he seems bad, that person keeps getting an inch closer to his moment of change when he would become celebrated. That bad folk might have the idea your society needs  When the bad guys change, they amazingly become the helpers that their former critics need.
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