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It is no longer news that we run a dysfunctional system and it seems to be springing up more surprises on daily basis without paying attention to the key issues in the society. I nation needs to be wary in a situation where those who are willing to create jobs and also have the ideas needed to create the jobs are beginning to abandon their ideas in order to look for jobs just like those who have no idea about job creation. It is, in my opinion worse that any natural disaster you can imagine and it’s only a matter of time before you begin to see the effect.
We must swing into action and save the nation from an impending danger! When people have been blessed with the gift of creativity and amazing imagination in order to create something that can give jobs to other people, such people must be encouraged in the nation and it should not just be verbal encouragements!
I have heard severally that the government sets aside funds to support people’s businesses and I keep wondering who’s getting those funds! We need to take advantage of the brains that we have in this country and also make the cost of doing business a lot cheaper for those who are helping the government to create jobs. In the intimidating ignorance of some of the people who are in government, they have made it increasing difficult for some businesses to survive and I have received message from people who are entrepreneurs but are now looking for jobs.
Our country needs to make it easier to register businesses and as well see business owners not just as capitalists who want to enrich themselves but as the real nation builders because there is no other thing you can say to people about nation building when they do not have jobs to feed them.
It is also important to soften the banking policies that we have and as well work out modality for people to easily access loans and be able to account for the loans they are taking. I know so many people will say that people cannot be trusted and that’s why they are not getting loans but my take on the issue is very simple. If you think that someone cannot be trusted and he has a very good idea then do the following to help the person:
1.Get EFCC or ICPC involved in the venture from the beginning and let the person know that any default will be thoroughly investigated. If it relates to misappropriation of funds then the person will be arrested. That way, very honest people will still be able to access funds. In the case where business fails as a result of natural disaster or other issues beyond integrity, the business owner will not be prosecuted by EFCC.
2.Within the first few years of the business, except where absolutely necessary and maybe the nature of the business requires it, the business owner seeking funds will agree to release his or her international passport and not travel out of the country.
3.The prospective business owner must also agree to terms such as not buying a new car or new house within a stipulated period except the money comes from other proven sources. Such purchases can only be made when the business can stand on it’s own and can pay back the money borrowed.
There are several other things running through my mind on this but I need to take them one at a time.
We can make things happen rather than let our business creators become job seekers! Let’s act fast before this fire on the mountain spreads to the valley.
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