When the heavens opened to Jacob | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Then he dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it ~ Genesis 28:12 NKJV.
God has a way of showing up for his children in times of serious troubles. One of the ways he does that is through open heavens. He knows that if the heavens do not open things will get complicated and there can be a serious mess.
In the case of Jacob as we see in the preceding verses of the text above, Jacob was now in some form of trouble. He had taken the blessings of his brother and had to run away from home. If he stays back, he was as good as dead so he had to be on the move to stay alive.
Now we can safely say he was a fugitive. You should understand that the life of a fugitive is already difficult. He’s just running away from the mess that has already been created but does not know what the future holds for him! He could even be running into more trouble but he kept running.
In the process of running, it became dark and he had to rest. The Bible even records that he use a pillow as a stone. That was a pretty difficult situation. But in his situation, the heavens opened.
This fugitive suddenly began to dream. He saw a ladder touching down on earth and reaching into heaven. Angels where ascending and descending on it. That’s an open heaven. Now it was just that the heavens opened in this case, Genesis 28:13 says the Lord stood above it – above the ladder reaching into heaven and began to speak to Jacob.
When the heavens opened and the Lord began to speak, these were the promises made to Jacob:
1. Promise of possession ~ Genesis 28:13
2. The promise of multiplication ~ Genesis 28:14
3. The promise of expansion ~ Genesis 28:14
4. Promise of blessing ~ Genesis 28:14
5. God’s guaranteed presence ~ Genesis 28:15
6. Guaranteed safe return from sojour ~ Genesis 28:15
God said to Jacob that he will be with him until he had performed all that he had spoken to him. In other words, God made promises and stood with him all the way to ensure that he experienced the promise.
When Jacob got to where he was going, he had a tough time there. So many things happened and a few things didn’t go as he expected but the heavens that had opened for him helped him out. The wage was changed severally. He wanted to marry the younger daughter of Laban but was given the first after serving for seven years. So he had to serve another seven to get the one he really wanted.
Jacob would have left the house of Laban empty handed. He would have worked in vain but God would not let that happen because the heavens had opened to him. When Laban pursued Jacob to get back all that he had, God warned Laban not to touch Jacob.
So we see that if the heavens do not open over someone, the person will just labour in vain and become frustrated. I pray that the heavens will open over you. You will not labour in vain. The works of your hands will be blessed and multiplied in Jesus name.

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