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At one time or the other we all may have found ourselves in a situation where we are working so hard and putting our best into the job but it does not look like any reward is coming for what we have been doing. Some others help people outside their homes and the society is not rewarding them. A lot of people spend so much time on the street serving their nation and the nation is not rewarding them as well or it looks like the reward is never going to come.
I will not attempt to act like I know exactly what you are going through because we all are in the different situations where we also have expectations for different results and that will naturally separate the kind of feeling of satisfaction that we have. Some people are just okay with having a platform to work and others just want to be paid for what they are doing. For a whole lot of other people, it goes beyond having a platform and getting paid! They want to be recognized for what they are doing. They want some kind of public affirmation or commendation that will at least present them as people who have something to offer to the public. In most cases people begin to feel bad or even terrible when these rewards are not coming either in terms of direct remuneration or recognition as I have just said.
There are people who have served their country dutifully and they are almost being destroyed by poverty but there are a few others who have not done anything for the country except to steal whats in the national treasury and not be able to account for anything. How do you expect people who have served by risking their lives to feel when someone else does so little and goes home with all the money?
Another side to the society is that it seems those who are doing things the wrong way easily get recognition and they seem to be making it very while those who have decided to be law abiding and to uphold strong values are not getting anything. That can be very frustrating because in some cases you can even have the people who are not doing so much or even doing illegitimate things to make money and they are despising the people expecting legitimate results.
I can only assure you that you may not get your reward right now but you will get it. It may not look like something coming too soon or it looks like it is not coming at all but I tell you it will come. Some people make the mistake of stopping the good things they are doing because they have not been encouraged by the rewards not coming. Don’t stop doing the good things you are doing because of the discouraging rewards right now. I need to tell you that if you stop the right thing you are doing now because of rewards then you have already decreased the reward that you will get. You have cut off on the quality and quantity of rewards that you will get!
I know it can be very discouraging not to get your desired results but giving up on doing the right thing is never a way to get the desired results!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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