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There are high expectations when a farmer decides to sow his seed. He wants harvest and he wants it in record time. The moment he takes the seed and puts it in the ground, he starts praying and hoping that all will go well with the seed. In some cases he will mark the spot where the seed was planted just to be able to follow up the seed.
If after a few days, as the case may be with some crops, the seed refuses to come out then the farmer becomes very worried. I know you have been sowing your own seeds too in terms of efforts and or daily work. You have tried to hard and you have put it all that you need to put in.
Your seed has gone down into the ground and you still have not gotten anything from the seed. There is no sign of flowers sprouting even though you have been waiting on that seed for so long.
At the moment you feel like giving up because nothing seems to be happening. What you should know, just as it is with the seed, is that when the seed goes into the ground it does not just stay there or hide there. So long as it goes into the right soil, it will die and then begin to germinate.
We don’t see what goes on in the ground but we have confidence that when all is set, the seed will come out of the ground. Your seed has gone into the ground and believe me, when all is set, your harvest will come forth.
Are you worried? Are you about to give up? Have you even thought about digging the ground to see what has happened to your seed? Don’t even dig the ground because you will not let the seed germinate. You will lose it completely.
What you have to do is to keep helping the ground in which you have sown your seeds. Keep watering the ground. Keep it clear. Make sure there are no weeds around the spot of the seed. That means you should making all the efforts that you are required to make. There may be times when you need to restrategize. If you don’t restrategize you will be doing the same thing over and over again.
It can be hard when your seed is in the ground and it just looks like it will not come forth. Don’t leave the seed and walk away. Sometimes some other people’s seeds will come out faster. At other times, some seeds will take a while before they come out. You should also remember that the stronger a seed will become, the longer it might stay in the ground. Sometimes a seed with a larger harvest might take more time before it springs forth and when it finally does, the weeping is over.
Your harvest too will come for all the efforts you have been making. You will get your desired results. It may look like it has taken a while but it will come. Don’t give up on your seed or your past efforts. Once the seed has gone into the ground, it is bound to produce and yours too will produce!

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