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Before you eventually succeed in life there will be very many people who will say no to you. In fact, after succeeding you will still find some people who will say no to you. Will you allow their no or rejection determine everything about you? You shouldn’t.
If you cant handle rejections then you need to start bracing up because you will be rejected by so many people before you finally find someone who accepts your ideas and plans. There will be times when you may be tempted to think that you are not good enough and you will be asking what is wrong with you.
I dare say that nothing is wrong with you, regardless of what others say to you. The people you have been talking to may not like your ideas but that does not mean that you do not have a great idea. I have also seen those who will admit that your ideas are great but they still cannot help you.
People will say no to you for several reasons that cannot be analysed but you will not take their answer as a verdict on your ideas. When someone’s answer is taken as a verdict on your ideas, you may eventually condemn yourself or condemn your great ideas. Sometimes it is not that your ideas are not great but it is just that the other person cannot see. So you just might be killing yourself because of the opinion of someone who does not see further than his nose.
You are too brilliant to be limited by the opinion of one man. You are too intelligent to think that what one man says means the end of all your ideas. Your life is not going to be limited to their limited capacity.
Some have been told that they cannot amount to much and they ended up doing great things. They made so much out of life and shocked the very people who said they cannot amount to much. You should even be challenged when someone thinks that you cant do much. Their utterance should challenge you to show that you have much more to offer.
I think you should be happy when someone says your ideas cannot work. Take it as if it is a question asking you how exactly can this idea work? Go and sit and work with it to make sure you can answer that question and with or without their help get things done.
Its important to also remember that some of the people giving a final verdict on your opinion are people who have never tried anything serious. Because they have not tried anything serious they don’t understand what you are trying to do and they think it will not work.
This is not the time to listen to and be stuck with people saying no to dreams. It is the time to show them that it can be done. I believe that a million people can say no to your dreams but that does not mean they are right. It does not mean that the dream cannot work just because they said know.
Your dream will work, regardless of who says no, provided you choose what to believe and work on. Go keep going even if some people say no to you. When one person says no, move to the next and to the next and to the next until you get a yes! And just one important yes is all you need.  
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