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Just a few days ago, I had the privilege of anchoring a couple’s dinner and as usual, it was interesting. Programs like that often take the turn of men arguing against women because we touch on sensitive areas that affect everyone. Let’s just say we lay it bare and some are able to take the blame but others can’t.
While discussions were ongoing, we touched on domestic violence, sex and finance. All the topics were important and in some ways, interwoven. When we got to the issue of finance, we looked at why couples are not able to build or buy their dream homes or live better lives as desired by many. It was at that point someone made a crucial point.
We know that so many men are not able to rise quickly or rise at all just because of the kinds of women they got married to. We also know of women who have not been able to rise for marrying the wrong man. Many couples are still in a mess today not because they are not making enough money but because they are taking too many wrong decisions.
At other times, their decisions may not really be wrong but they are ill-timed. People want something they can’t afford and they put all their resources into it. They also borrow to make up for the deficit. Sometimes a part in marriage just does not leave room for future planning because he or she is all about the latest cars, fashion trends, electronics, parties and things like that.
Bottom line is the fact that too many people can’t deny themselves of instant gratification. You need to realise that when you don’t deny yourself of instant gratification now, you are already denying yourself of a great future.
One of the panelists at the couple’s event, a lady who should be in her 50s said, said it nicely when she said ‘when things are better, you will buy better things.’ Wow! That resonated and I couldn’t stop thinking about that for a while. As the compere, I had to make everyone in the room repeat that line until it was stuck in their brains. Many people are in trouble today for no other reason than the fact that they want to buy better things before things are better.
There’s no point trying to impress a lot of people right now. You should be more concerned about your future than you are about your reputation. If you build a reputation without building a future, you will eventually lose that reputation. When you build a future while others are building reputation, you will eventually earn the reputation when others don’t have a future to access.
You should remember there will always be pressure. The pressure to look good, buy things that others are buying and like large like some of them are doing. If you yield to that pressure right now, you will be denying yourself of a great future. You have a great future ahead of you and you will eventually get to that level where you can afford anything you want. While you’re still waiting and hoping for that, what you should do is to live within your means. If you need to make bold financial moves and go as far as borrowing money, make sure the borrowing is not to live large but to invest in that desired future.
Remember the words of that wise woman who said, ‘when things are better, you will buy better things.’

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