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If you are going through some tough times in your life right now, let me reassure you that it is for a while and you should never let the situation break you. I may not know what you are going through but there are people who have been in your shoes before and they have come out singing and dancing that they won at last. I believe that you will also win and that is why I have written this to you.
When things are hard, or when nothing seems to be working, there will be many people who will come around to give you all kinds of suggestions. When you are going through some delays in your life, some people who don’t have your kinds of delays but still have their own delays may pop in your life acting like perfectionists and people who have it all. Some of them will scold you and say it is your fault that things are not working. They will say you are not taking enough actions or that you are too lazy or you are not doing things the right way. Some of them will say that you are not praying well enough. They will make you feel really bad about the fact that you cannot spend hours praying to God. While I don’t justify anyone’s inability to pray to God for hours, I also think that God honours simple, sincere, heartfelt prayers which may be uttered within seconds. No therefore has the right to justify their long stay in the prayer room as the reason for their answers. For in so doing, they are already attaching their answers to their own abilities!
Some people mean well and they will ask you to do all sorts just to pass that phase of delay in your life. A lot of people say the delays must be from the devil but they don’t seem to realize that you are really a child of God, that is if you have confessed Jesus as your Lord and saviour, so the devil is not authorized to operate in your life. Don’t get confused by the kind of people you listen to in your hard times. Let no one push you to think that your hard times are there because of one weakness in you. I believe that God has our lives well planned out just like the building engineer has the construction phases well thought out! When the engineers finish the foundation of a building, they will leave it for a while in order to allow it become strong. They don’t leave the foundation because they do not know what to do next or because they do not have the resources to continue building on it. It is plain wisdom to just allow the foundation become strong enough to hold what you are planning to build on it. If you build on any foundation not strong enough to hold what you want it to hold, it will cave in.
I think God knows the next thing to do with your life. If your prayers are not yet answered or things are not happening for you as you expected, don’t assume that God does not know what to do with you or does not have the resources to keep you going. He knows just what to do! He also knows when to do and why it has not been done! I don’t intend to get you confused but I know about pastors who pray for others and things happen for them while the same pastors are still trusting God for something in their own lives! Do you think that these pastors who know how to pray for others don’t know how to pray for themselves? Or do you think that a pastor’s anointing is just for his congregation and he cannot benefit from it? I don’t think so.
Always remember that there are different phases of your life and some may appear sweet and smooth while the others appear very tough. Can I tell you or remind you that all the sweet phases of your life are preceded by all the tough phases you have successfully passed through!
Things will not always be hard for you. You will get through the hard times with the right attitude but don’t let people make the hard phases always look like the result of your own weakness!
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