When we ignore the poor! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

We keep talking about the things that are going wrong in the society and we try to find solutions to them but we sometimes look in the wrong direction for solution. We have so many problems in the society and one of the greatest problems we have is the hungry people in the society. When we take a good look at the hungry people in the society, we will realize that their hunger is not the problem but the desperation that can follower their hunger. You may have heard as well that an hungry man is an angry man! Caesar once said, ‘It is not these well-fed long-haired men that I fear, but the pale and hungry-looking.
It is amazing how people go around in the most flashy cars, buy expensive wrist watches and jewelleries, pay to stay in the most luxurious hotels, travel in first class, keep a fleet of cars in their houses, buy the devices they need and the ones they do not need yet they are so blind towards the hungry people in the society. We put up very high walls and pay heavily for us to have strong iron bars around our windows just because we do not want people breaking into our homes.
What exactly is insecurity and why do we have insecurity? Just take a walk down the street and watch out for those people begging on the street! That exactly is the insecurity in some areas! Take another walk during the working hours of the day and look out for young, strong and employable men who are walking on the streets with no meaningful jobs to do.
If they cannot think for themselves we must be wise enough to think for them and help them to become gainfully employed. When we spend all our money for all the things we like and just enjoy with our family alone, we must exercise some wisdom and let other people rise through us or benefit from some of the things we have. It is enough that the government in some countries has neglected the poor people totally and we the citizens are the ones who will suffer the neglect of the government. We should not deceive ourselves about the fact that it is these people the government has neglected that are posing threats to us on daily basis. They are the ones stealing our money, robbing our houses, raping the young girls in the society and laying ambush for people on the highway.
What we can do is to try and help as many people as we can. When you find poor people in your environment, bring some of them closer and ask them about what skills they have or the skills they would like to acquire. Help them set up some businesses in a small way. There some people who will read this article and you definitely spend more than the business capital that someone out there is looking for when you go out for shopping. It is true no one can tell you how to spend your money but when you think about your real security then you will realize the importance of helping the poor people around you. The more people have food to eat and are confident about their future, the less insecurity we will have around us. It is not the government that feels the insecurity immediately because I know some people will say it is the job of the government. These people who constitute threats to the society are closer to you and I and they can easily reach us. On the other hand, the government you are waiting for is using tax payers’ money to beef up security around the government house and become more in accessible.
Think twice, reduce the threats around you. Every poor person around you is a threat. Every unemployed person around you is a threat. Every hungry person around you is a threat! You know what to do! Fola Daniel Adelesi
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