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Have you ever been in a situation where you really need help and the people around you do not believe that you need help because you do not look like someone that needs help! In some cases I think some people have that issue because they look so good that it’s hard to believe some of the stories they are telling about themselves! It often appears they are exaggerating their problems so as to get help.
In all of these, you may find out that it just does not matter how sincere you are trying to be you will always meet with a brick wall because people think you can’t possibly be in that situation that you claim to be in. I know a few people who really have issues but it will not be known to anybody and they just look so perfect that you will think someone is lying when their issues are revealed.
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you desperately need help and people don’t believe you really need the help, what do you do? Are you going to play down your look and almost go tattered so that people can believe you need help! Do you have to water down your perception in the eyes of other people or stay away from some facilities you already have just to pass a message across about how much help you need?
I’m sure you are thinking about what to do, especially if you have been in this funny situation before! I’ll simply give an advice regarding this so that you don’t complete turn yourself into a perceived beggar from being a respectable person. When people do not believe that you need help and you do, you may have to try the following:
– Talk to someone else who has listening hears and will listen before concluding on issues.
– You may have to talk to a person who respects you but is probably not looking at you as high up there.
– You may have to reduce the paraphernalia attached to you. (You cannot drive 2, 3 or 5 cars and be telling people you have financial problems when they have just 1? You cannot be living in an expensive estate and be begging people for rent?)
– Come out plain, simple and sincere about what you need help with.
In some cases, it’s understandable why people don’t believe we need help when we really do. They already see us living large and enjoying nearly everything enjoyable. Some others just look so classy and sophisticated so it’s difficult for others to believe that they really need help.
There is a proverb that talks about how impossible it is for a dead man to hide its body from those who will wash it. If you really need help you cannot be showing off to the people who are going to help you. As much as you should never look needy, you also have to be smart, clean and believable!
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