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Many of us have at one time or the other taken oranges. A few others may have the habit of always taking fruits and the orange may just be one of your regular fruits. Have you ever stopped for once to consider what you are doing to that orange that’s giving you all its content to enjoy? Think about it. You put some pressure on that orange and it gives you what it has on the inside.
The first thing you do is to peel with a knife or some other sharp objects. As you peel the orange it does not bleed. It just shows you some beauty already covered up. Rather than being destroyed it shows you another part of itself. After the peeling you put a knife through it and that still shows you something more appealing to the eyes.
You don’t stop there because you did not go all the way to pluck the oranges or buy them just so that you can look at how beautiful they are. As soon as you cut one you starting squeezing and sucking it. As you squeeze it produces something for you to drink and nourish your body. So when you get the first taste you squeeze again until there is nothing left for that orange to give you any more.
Many don’t seem to realize that the sweetness they got from the orange came from the pressure that it went through. If you don’t put any pressure on that orange there is no way you can get anything good out of it. That orange has gone through the pressure of:
1. Peeling
2. Cutting
3. Squeezing
Interestingly even after you have finished squeezing it, the orange still has the capacity to reproduce itself. It still carries seeds on the inside. If you throw the seeds in the right place, you will soon find oranges growing again.
That is one of the things that show us what we are as human beings. We will also go through some peeling in life. We can’t escape being cut by some challenges or situations as we live daily. A few other challenges will take it a step further by squeezing us. So the question is how do we respond to the peeling, cutting and squeezing?
These are processes that look very destructive. So we are really going to feel that way when we are faced with those situations. The only thing is that this is a matter of perspective. You can think of the process as something that really wants to destroy you or something that has the potential to build you. If you look more at being destroyed then you run away from the process and still potentially end up being destroyed. And when you look more at the chances of the best being brought out of you, your best will eventually show up.
Think more of the situations you are in right now as the building process that will bring your best out. You are not going through this because there is no hope for you. You are going through it because it is a great way to reach where you are going. You can only offer your best to the world based on the pressure you have gone through. As you go through that pressure the best in you begins to come out. When the whole process is complete, you then see that the pressure was not meant to destroy you but to get the best out of you.
Now when you take your next orange, even if it’s in form of juice, just remember what that orange has gone through just to give you its best. And note that in some ways, you have to go through the same so s to give the world around you your best.

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