When your purpose becomes a baby │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

All human beings are known to nurture their babies after giving birth to them and it is the same for most animals. I have even seen some more interesting forms of nurturing, mentoring or training and serious protection coming from animals to their babies. If you take time to watch documentaries you will see that lions don’t just become lions and eagles don’t just become eagles. They go through phases or processes and if they fail to go through them successfully, they may never survive. Coming back to human beings, when we give birth to babies we make sure that the babies are breast fed for some months and then we introduce some foods to the baby. We try all our best to make sure nothing goes wrong with the baby. When the baby cries, we figure out what is wrong and protect the baby in every way we can imagine from all known dangers. The most important thing is for us to see the baby grow and also become independent.
Just as we nurture and protect our physical babies, it is very important that we also nurture and protect jealously our intellectual and other babies that are not physical. Your purpose is also a pregnancy as I always say and it produces results that you can refer to as babies. When your purpose begins to produce results you are not just supposed to move on like that from one vision or project to another.
You have a duty to nurture the babies from your purpose in life. The baby that your purpose has produced might be a company either big or small. Your purpose might have produced a baby in the form of a service as well but the most important thing is for you to make sure that the baby is being taken care of very well and that it is growing as it should. You also have to feed the babies of your purpose with the right food. You and I know that there will be trouble when you feed the normal babies with the wrong food or something that is not meant for babies. The right food for the babies of your purpose in this case might be for you to gain more wisdom. It could be attention. It could a combination of experience gathering and strategy formulation on how you are going to operate. When you refuse to do this you will realize that the baby will be malnourished and after a while will die an untimely death.
Most people don’t want to give birth to babies and watch the babies die but sometimes, they ignorantly do the things that will kill the babies. You have been laboring for so long to make sure that you birth that baby or that your purpose produces results. It is therefore important for you to make sure that you do not ignorantly or deliberately do the things that can kill your baby. Ride on with your baby but you must also carefully preserve the babies of your dreams.
Remember that when your purpose start producing results, they are like babies and they must be guarded jealously.
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