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There are thousands of people who wake up on daily basis and just dash out of the house to get something done so that they can make money at the end of the day or at the end of the month. Several others are learning a trade or a skill and some others are going to school in order to get an education but in all of these, not too many people can confidently answer the question of where they are going in life!
All your troubles to get things done or make a living, waking up at 4am or a little later than that and the terrible stress you have to go through will come to nothing if you don’t define where you are going in life! What are you actually studying for or why are you trying to get and education when you don’t know where you are going or have not defined where you want to be in life?
There are too many people who leave their fate to chances and claim that they do not have any choice as to what happens to them in life but it is not true that they do not have any choice as to what happens to them in life. You have to sit down and create a plan which clearly says what you want to do with your life or where you intend to go! You just can’t keep going with the flow of whatever happens or whatever comes your way!
Ask yourself a series of questions that have to do with your life. Questions like:
Where am I really going?
Do I really have a clear focus?
Where will all these things I am doing now lead me?
Have I set out on the path that will lead me to my desired destination?
If I continue on my current path, will I like the place it’s leading me?
Where will my current job take me despite the fact that it’s taking a lot of my time?
Am I going to make much of myself from my current academic pursuit if I continue?
It is important to keep asking yourself some questions in life and you have to sincerely answer them because that’s one of the ways to check and be sure that you’re on the right path to your desired destination!
If you don’t know where you are going in life you can be rest assured that everywhere will look like your destination! You can always settle for what’s good or what you think is good for you when as a matter of fact there’s more you can get out of life than what you are willing to settle for.
If you have no clearly written destination in life, you have already signed up for frustration! Get back to your drawing board today and set your destination before taking off again! This is really critical to your success in life and you also have to admit that the God who created you will have to be involved before you can set your destination! You can’t just wake up and put a pen on paper thinking all you have to do is to create some beautiful pictures in your mind and that’s all you need to get there! You will need more than that! In life there are principles and there are some really tough principles you will have to engage to get things done so you are going to need a spiritual insight into some issues before you can move ahead! If you don’t have the required spiritual insight, you may just realize that you have done all you need to do and nothing’s working! Maybe I should just plainly say that if you want things to work for you then you will have to work it with God!
Remember, if you don’t set your destination before setting out which means you are on the move but you don’t know where you are going, you have already signed up for frustration!
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