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All over the world on first of May, people celebrated workers day. In a country like Nigeria, there were gatherings in nearly all the thirty six states with their state governors in attendance to address the workers. There are workers who are not government workers so this has nothing to do with being a government worker or nothing. All through the day, my predominant thought was ‘where does this daily routine or hustle lead to when you are going to work for the most productive years of your life?’
Many have spent thirty five years of their lives serving the government only to come out and say they wish they had done something else. They think that they are not being treated right or that their pension packages cannot take care of their needs. Some of them are not even getting their pension packages at all.
It can be so sad when you wake up on daily basis and you see what people are going through only to realize that they are going through it for almost next to nothing. They wake up and leave their houses at 4am and probably return around 11pm. I don’t know of too many other countries but I know that the average Nigerian worker who also lives in Lagos is most likely going to spend an average of five to six hours in traffic daily. You can also call that the anticipated traffic. There are times when the unexpected happens and such traffic will come to spending four hours trying to get to work in the morning and probably four or more hours again trying to come back from work.
In all of these, your boss talks to you anyhow, threatens to sack you or write petitions or poor recommendations for you. At the end of the month you get a take home pay that cannot take you home. You have already borrowed some money in order to survive through the entire month so you and your family members are not the only ones waiting for your ‘yet-to-be-earned’ salary. Creditors are also waiting for it. This circle continues for years and that’s how you manage to put children in school, put food on the table and also clothe the family. So there’s trouble if the job is threatened.
Why are you into all of these? Have you ever sat down to ask yourself? What are you going to get out of the so much work and so little result? When are you going to alter the cause of things or are you waiting for a time when there is going to be a divine intervention? I am not sure you will like to retire and realize that all the years you have put into your work are not really worth it.
I am not going to be quick to ask you to quit your job. That’s not me. I am not one of such speakers or authors who just ask you to close your eyes and fire your boss. You need to think twice and work with foresight before you jump. I have been on both sides of being an employee and being an entrepreneur. I have an idea of how tough both sides can be.
While this is not about asking you to start a business, it is important for you to review what you are doing at the moment. Where does this path you are taking lead to in future? What are you going to come out with? Will you finish this and then just wait until your children send money to you before you can eat? Are you going to start whining that the government is not doing enough for its senior citizens?
Now that you are still in the work or that you still have the energy to work is the time to reflect on what you are taking or making out of that job or work – whichever suits you – you are doing. Don’t continue without deciding right now on the things you really want or why you are doing what you are doing.
I expect that days like the workers day will not just be a day to hold rallies all around the federation and protests poor workers’ welfare. There is no amount of improved welfare right now that will sound good enough or perfect for workers. There will always be one reason or the other for the government to complain yet the politicians will keep buying private jets and acquiring more companies. They will keep getting more allowances and seeking more terms in office but you will keep hoping they offer you more.
Now is the time to offer yourself more out of the work you have at the moment. Think and make the most of the work. Don’t let all your daily struggles amount to regrets! Don’t let all the hours in traffic, insults by bosses who might even be younger or even less qualified go to waste. At the end of it all you have to be able to say it was worth the trouble but all that depends on you. Please reflect and prepare!

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