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For a long time the issue of money has been like a mystery. While so many people are desperately looking for money, it just flows in the direction of others. However, only very few will admit that money flows in their direction while most people are saying, ‘there is no money.’ Most people keep saying there is no money but our streets have traffic building up every day and the governments in different countries are beginning to have a hard time controlling the traffic. My question is, ‘where do people get money to buy cars if there is no money?’ in some places you will want to buy a land and you will find out that everything has be bought and structures are springing up on daily basis but people still say there is no money. Having thought about this for a while, I shall set the foundation of this piece on the question, ‘where has money gone to?’
In my quest to become a productive person I began to talk to people and I started asking questions. I read books and listened to tapes then some of the answers I wanted began to come. Some of them came to in the form of real life situations and other came up as answers on the pages of books that I had to put to test myself. One funny thing was that all of the answers that I have gotten, especially in the area of money, pointed in a direction. That direction also reveals to me that every human being is looking for something but most people are looking in the wrong direction and that brings another question to mind. If you have been looking for money, what direction have you faced?
There are three directions when it comes to looking for money as it is with every other thing in life and they are:
1. Doing nothing and still looking for money.
2. Doing anything and anyhow with your only focus being to make money
3. While others are looking for money, you identify their challenges and look for solutions.
From the categories above I want to quickly tell you that those who look for challenges and solutions are the ones who will find money and they will find it faster than those who are doing just anything with the focus on just making money.
When you sit down and do nothing you will be frustrated for the rest of your life and you may conclude on two things:
1. That not everybody will become rich in life – which is absolutely true.
2. That every rich person is a thief – this is a pure fallacy.
When some people have struggled so much and have become frustrated then they conclude that every rich person must have stolen. When you keep thinking this way then you will remain poor for the rest of your life but when your perception changes then you have a new chance. The question that should be on your mind is what are rich people doing that I can also do? By this I do not mean doing the exact thing they are doing but engaging the principles of life that they are engaging.
From all of this, there is one very obvious thing. Every genuinely or legitimately rich person is doing something that other people need. Better still I should say that he or she is bringing solution and taking away the little money left in the hands of those who focus on the problem and how to make more money.
It is then obvious that money will always go away from those who have no solution to the challenges around them and it constantly flows in the direction of those who have a solution. If you want more money, find more solutions to the problems in our world.
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