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Have you been doing so much in your life and you are just wondering where all that is leading you? Sometimes you are just getting into all the things people are suggesting to you and you are hoping it will lead somewhere great in future. But the issue is you have no idea where it will lead to.
You can’t keep hoping that all the things you are trying will lead somewhere. That is not how to get somewhere in life. if you are going to arrive at a destination in life you will set your destination before you leave your house. You will not get on the road and take as many turns as you like while hoping the road will lead you somewhere.
If you do not set your own destination there will be tons of people out there who will gladly set a destination for you. Their willingness to set a destination for you will not really be able helping you but to ensure that they have you on their side for their selfish gains. Once they are done with you they will not offer directions anymore.
For those doing all the right things and are still not sure where they are ending up in life, you also have to put something right. You also cannot keep working and trying all the good things and just hoping something will turn out right.
In life, you have to be definite. You have to set your own results. Don’t even start if you have no idea what you want out of what you intend to do. It is very important to note that your results are most like determined by your thoughts before you get started.
You can’t be in music today and say you are not sure where music is leading you then you get into another business. Maybe you try printing business and they say this is a bad time for the printing business then you get out of printing and you want to try sell gadgets to people. After a while you may say there is a big issue with importation so it is now very expensive to do the gadget business. You can be jumping from one thing to another and still claim to have a definite destination.
If you have known me for a while or you have read my articles, you will be able to tell its one thing I have done all my life and will be doing for the rest of my life. You can see consistence with purpose and a resolute passion.
When you are getting involved in something you should decide where you want it to lead you. I have seen people who said they wished for something and they got it. After getting it they would then say they would have asked for more if they knew their wish would come to pass. I am suggesting that you should not just hope your wish will come to pass. You should know that what you say has the power to come to pass and make sure you say definite things to decide where what you are doing will lead you to.

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