Where is our Fruit of the Spirit? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Where is our Fruit of the Spirit? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
I recently wrote an article asking if our present day church will get us to heaven with the watered down messages that a lot of pastors are preaching today where there is hardly the core teaching of spirituality and helping people to grow in the deep things of God. Even the great Apostle Paul did say to us to move on from the elementary teachings of Christ and people do not realize that when we stick to just teaching those parts of the Bible that explain how God promises to bless us, we are still teaching the elementary things because those are not the key things in the Bible. They are supposed to be the additional benefits but I think a lot of people have turned around to start teaching strictly on those things that are supposed to be additional benefits without touching the basics!
Today I also need to ask if our own attitudes will get us to heaven? There are too many people who profess to be Christians and I think that’s allowed today because the world simply wants to identify you with a religion. But if you are serious about being a child of God which is a way of life – culture – then you will know that you have to go beyond just identifying with the church and be a real example of Christ here on earth! After all the teachings of Christ he emphasised he was going to send the comforter to us but I think it’s also good to realize that the Comforter was not just going to come and take our sorrows away in this world without us working on our habits and putting ourselves under some pressure just to become better people so my other question is, ‘how many Christians have the fruit of the Spirit?
Galatians 5:22 and 23 says, ‘But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
If you claim that you are born again and that you have the Holy Spirit in you then I need to ask you how many of the ‘fruit’ given above do you exhibit and to what extent? Are you that person who says I have the fruit of the Spirit and you still get so angry that you can destroy things? Are you that person who claims to be a Spirit-filled person but you still have a problem with loving other people or being good or having faith? How can you be Spirit-filled and be negative? What about temperance? Do you still flair up at every little opportunity?
Let’s stop deceiving ourselves and work very hard on the real spiritual but very simple issues that may become hindrances in our lives and I suggest we work so hard on building the level of the fruit of the Spirit that we exhibit on daily basis. Maybe you can put up a paper somewhere around the house and write the fruit of the Spirit out on it in the manner given below to help you:
Love – If I am truly Spirit-filled then I should not have problem loving people. Joy – The True Spirit of god in me should constantly release joy in my heart. Peace – I cannot have the Spirit of God and not be at peace. Longsuffering – I have to build my longsuffering capacity if I am Spirit-filled. Gentleness – Gentle is a must for me and not just a good world virtue.
Goodness – Being good is not an option for Spirit-filled people. It is a fruit that must show Faith – The Spirit of God is a Spirit of Faith! I must talk and live in faith! Meekness – Jesus is meek and I have no choice but to be meek.
Temperance – If I want to go far in life I must develop myself that I can control my temper.
Above all should remember that these are just some of the basics of being a Christian and when these attributes do not reflect I your life then you simply should not talk about being a real child of God! Let’s not deceive ourselves about the several other things we have made our priority. What is the essence of being blessed by God and you still will not get to heaven because of the fruit of the Spirit. Remember that the Bible says, ‘by their fruit you shall know them.’ Please begin to work more on your real life as a Christian and let’s leave the elementary things that cannot get us to heaven.
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