Where is the greener pasture – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Where in the world do you think would be ideal for a man to succeed if his present environment does not seem good enough for him to succeed? What do we really mean when we talk about greener pasture? For a long time I have heard so many people talk about a greener pasture but we need to ask ourselves what we really refer to as a greener pasture. Is it a place where there are greener grasses in the real sense of the word ‘grass?’ If all you need is greener grass why don’t you just pick a paint bucket with a brush and paint the grass around so you can keep it green for as long as you want!
If a man leaves a place because he feels the place is not offering him enough opportunities he just might be more frustrated in the new place that was formally referred to as the greener pasture. Before we say things are not working in a place we should be able to hold our heads high and say these are the things that we have done and they have been done the way they were supposed to be done. We must be able to say we know who we are and have discovered the talents inside of us. Beyond the discovery of the talents inside of us we should be able to say we have made bold steps towards using the talent for the progress of the community in form of a service that will in turn fetch us some money.
We live in times where people have not offered anything to the community but we expect so much from the community and we get so bitter when the community cannot meet our expectations. It is very important to note that the idea of greener pasture is about understanding where you were placed in life and remaining in that place. Understanding your place in life begins with knowing what abilities are inside you and finding out why you are the one carrying such abilities and not another person.
Why are you the one with the passion for people’s development? Why are you the one with the passion for young people and the less privileged? Why are you the one with the passion for a change in leadership? Why are you the one with the strong desire for excellence? All of these issues that give you grave concern first point to the areas where you have a gifting and consequently a solution. If you carry the solution to something then you are supposed to be in the middle of the problem where the solution is applicable.
If there is anything called the greener pasture I think it must be defined as the placed where your gifts, talents and abilities can be easily recognized and rewarded! If you seek a place called a greener pasture without knowing what you have and looking out for where it is needed then you are looking for what is not lost. At best you would be like the man in a beautiful book called ‘Acres of Diamond’ who had diamond right there in front of him. He had diamonds in abundance where he lived but went out in search of diamonds. Many today, in the name of a greener pasture are looking for what is not lost because what they need is staring at them but they cannot see!
Before you start out to look for a greener pasture, be sure you know what you are capable of doing which will make you relevant and “reward-able” where you are going.

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