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Too many people have a problem with going through opposition and that’s probably because they think that they should have a smooth life without any opposition. If you think that you will go through life without opposition then you are not really prepared to live life to the fullest. Ask anyone who currently has a great life, they know what it means to have gone through opposition and if you are going to be great you need to understand and be prepared for opposition because where there is no opposition there may be no future.
You need to know that where there is no opposition then there are no: True visions
Strong minds
People of destiny and purpose
On the battle field, when you see people who cannot match your physical strength or do not have the kind of weapons that you have access to, you don’t bother yourself about such and you will just use something simple to destroy such people. It is only when you consider that your opposition is equally strong that you take so much time to prepare for the opposition. The reason you will experience some opposition is that people already know the kind of person you are and the opposition you are experiencing at the moment is their perceived match for you.
You should not be afraid of opposition and should never wish away opposition. The reason is that opposition will develop you if you are prepared for it and you get ready to learn from the opposition. There are people who cannot go through opposition and the only reason is that they have not prepared themselves for it and opposition kills some people just because they never learnt the lessons they were supposed to have learnt. You should not just go through opposition by praying it away or asking that it should stop. There will always be lessons you can take with you that can help you become a better person.
One of the things you need to do in preparation for opposition is that you must not allow the opposition destroy you because it was not supposed to destroy you. Some people have mastered opposition so well that it is opposition that always shoots them to the next level of their lives. Some people have even begun to think that they cannot get to the next level of their lives without opposition and that’s because they have seen how the opposition can shoot them up instead of shooting them down.
I really need to agree with you that opposition may not be nice and you will not enjoy it but you must see the better side of opposition. You also need to know that sometimes when you are going through opposition you have to just keep quiet and not try to respond to every opposition. Some people never get out of opposition or they never make it through simple because they tried to respond to every opposition and while trying to respond they get into more trouble.
Opposition can make you lose your focus if you keep trying to respond to it or you just shift your focus entirely to the opposition. If you will never lose your focus in life and you want to get things done then you must learn how not to allow opposition distract you. Some opposition are bent on distracting you so you must keep that in mind and determine that no level of opposition will be strong enough to distract you.
Some people may get the impression that they are in for a good fight but may just not realize that they are in a fight that should never take place at all but you can still change that right now. Here’s what to do with your opposition: Learn from opposition
Never let opposition bring you down.
Do not allow any opposition distract you from your focus.
There are some kinds of opposition you should never respond to because they will die a natural death if only you don’t respond. There are some kinds of opposition you also empower when you respond to them.
If you are going to make it through opposition then you must just look beyond the opposition to the goals and dreams beyond the reach of opposition.
I must tell you that there will be opposition at every facet of life so you will be doing yourself a favour not to wish away opposition but to prepare for them. One of the ways to prepare for opposition is to build your mind so well that little things will not take the place of the bigger things in your heart. Prepare for opposition in your mind but keep your focus going in both your minds and in your physical life!
Opposition will come but you decide to let it run you down or you climb on it to your next phase in life!
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