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There are a some things that we want in life and we start preparing for them and there are those things we don’t want so some people don’t prepare for them. Challenges are some of those things we don’t want in life but we don’t have a choice regarding the preparation for them.
It does not matter if you want challenges or not. They will always come. The problem now is that because many people don’t want the challenges, they refuse to prepare for it. They think they can choose what they want and leave out or pray away the ones they don’t want.
Interestingly, challenges are not like the examiner’s examination questions where you get as many as five questions and you can choose three that you want to answer. The examiner will only mark those that you answered and leave out those you left unattended.
Life is different. You will get so many challenges and you must prepare for them. Before you begin to wish or pray them away, let me remind you that even the Bible says, ‘many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all.’ Now that tells you to expect afflictions but you have the assurance that you will be delivered from them.
Challenges are not terrible things. Even though they are not pleasant. They are meant to build, strengthen and improve your person. If you don’t go through challenges in life, like examinations in schools, there is no way you can go forward in life.
Many people want to move forward but they don’t want challenges. Let me suggest that the earlier you embrace the challenges in front of you the better. If you embrace it quickly you can move forward faster.
Don’t deceive yourself by trying to run away from those challenges. If you run away, you will eventually run back to some of them. The reason it is so important to face your challenges and not run away from them is because some of the challenges you are facing now will make you fit or qualified for the next phase you are going into.
From time to time I meet people who are in a hurry to run out of their challenges. I don’t like challenges as well but I will be deceiving myself too if I don’t make sure I make the most of my present challenges.
Once in a while, I look at what I am going through, the possible reasons for going through them and the take away from that situation. That helps me maintain a better attitude throughout the period of the challenges.
Beyond that, if you finally get out of one challenge, you will only rest for a while before another challenge starts knocking on your door.
Get used to seeing different challenges at different levels. What it means is that you are working hard, moving forward and dreaming really big. If you are not doing that then you should not expect challenges at all.
It will do you a lot of good to get ready for challenges, make the most of it and move forward when it is time to do so.
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