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Sometimes because we over flog the issue of coaching and mentoring, you find so many people rushing into it and they are getting some form of coaching. The problem now is not that there is no mentoring but that it may not be the right mentoring or coaching.
Consequently, too many people are learning the wrong things and they are running with that mindset. When you have learnt the wrong things and working with it, you are even worse off compared to when you have not learnt anything at all.
Who you are learning from is crucial to your success and that’s why you can’t just learn from just anyone. You have to learn from the right person who also knows what he or she is talking about.
There’s an ancient principle the you’ll find in the Bible as used by Jesus himself. Someone was referring to him and the person said, ‘the things that Jesus began to DO and to TEACH.
From that you can tell he wasn’t just talking to the people. He knew and had experience of what he was talking about.
Today, you will find some mentors or coaches who were baked up by books alone. There is no real life situation or experience to form the basis of their coaching or mentoring. When you are learning from such people, you might turn out half baked, just as they are.
You owe yourself a duty to learn and also get that learning from the right places. That’s why you go to one school and you don’t get so much attention from people but you go to another school and everyone is struggling to be your friend. Some of the judgements of the people may not be right but it still proves on major point. Where you are learning from or who is teaching you is as important as what you are learning.
The best of the coach’s ability is what can be offered to you which is why you must get or learn from the best coaches. If you learn from an average person you become the best among the average guys. From you learn from mediocres you become a local champion who will not be willing to change, improve or advance in life.
Don’t just decide to learn and go to anyone. Once the decision to learn has been reached, you should find out who to learn from and how their influence in your life offers you a leverage.
Think about those you are learning from today. Are you learning from the masters or whiling away time with the average guys?
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