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On daily basis, there are loads of people who are struggling with their real identity. Some of them are taking the definitions of other people and totally accepting other’s opinion as who they are. For the rest of their lives, some of them may think of what people say as how to define themselves. They never bother to define themselves anymore or just find out who they are.
How do you define a slave in this present day? I think it is simple. Just start talking to people and when you find one person who has no idea who he or she is, or you see people defining themselves based on the thoughts of others then you have found a slave. Why is that? It is because he has imprisoned his real self and not giving it any chance for expression.
I dare you to step out of that prison of identity. It has made you think you are something because that’s what others say. You have to unlock the prison of identity that you willing went into because you do things based on what others think is acceptable. You have not been yourself but the definition of others. You do nothing without the approval of others and the success gauge for what you do is what is acceptable to others.
If that is how you have been living then you have been in a prison all along. Who are you? I know you can tell me your name easily but I was not hoping to hear your name in order to understand your identity. It is not what the card on your neck say you are that tells me your identity. Those are just letters to pick out someone from the crowd.
What does your mind say to you? Do you even listen to your mind? Or does your mind still talk to you since you have not listened to it in a long while? Can you please be separate from trying to please other people with your personality and just show us the real you? Who are you without the titles, the cars you ride, your degrees, connections or the amount in your bank account?
You have had enough of trying to be someone or something else and defining yourself by what you have or you don’t have. There is a real you that is different, and possibly better, than those you are trying to be like. Who are you? Who were you supposed to be? Is your present life reflecting who you really are or who someone else expects you to be?
This is a question you will have to answer through a personal soul searching in your closet. It’s never truly answered when you rely on the influence of peers alone. When you answer this question, you will then be able to begin a real journey to success. To begin a journey in life without truly knowing who you are is to have signed up for failure even before starting anything serious.
When you find out who you are, you will not be trying to please other people with all your life. Your life will not be lived to please those who don’t care or are not watching you. Your journey in life will also be shorter and more pleasant because your results have the approval of your soul. It is satisfied and give you peace. So tell me, who are you really, apart from the name, social associations, fan fare and all the people you’re trying to impress? You are on your way to becoming what?

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  1. I would have to say, this piece is yet again profound.; it raises an issue that affects a lot of people,although it is not obvious to many. However, I think it will be nice if you can highlight practical steps ,especially for someone who believes they are slaves of identity due to social conditioning. I believe a lot of people in this category have this identity locked up in their subconcious mind. How do u think such a person can deccondiion themselves from this unhelpful self image, considering it is all In their subconcious minds? Like what practical steps can they take to eliminate such unhealthy self identity/ image. Again, I think this is a wonderful read 🙂

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