Who is a Motivational Speaker? | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

1. A discouraged man helping others to find solace in his story.
2. It’s the man who has failed before
3. Someone who knows what does not work not because of what he has read but because of where he could not forge ahead.
4. Someone who is awkwardly crazy about the possibility of things in the middle of obvious impossibilities.
5. I think it’s that person who may have been heartbroken who now tells others how the heart break did not kill him or her.
6. It’s definitely the person who has been rejected severally.
7. This person can graphically describe what it is to be hungry.
8. He has travelled some distances on foot as if to say there is no car.
9. Someone who knows what it is to look good, feel good and sound good when all he can physically boast about is a cup of water or at least having nothing apart from his mouth.
10. It is the person who was once weighed down but is now celebrated for his popular failures that did not stop him from finding what to do next.
11. Someone who probably knows what it is to be sent out of school for not paying school fees.
12. He really must have experienced being mocked or jeered at.
13. I believe he must have flipped through the pages of books and ransacked cloth hangers looking for the money he hoped to have forgotten when he knows he did not really forget any money there.
14. It’s that person whose disabilities could have become a limitation but it has turned to a source of celebration.
15. He understands, by experience, what it is to have lost a loved one.
16. Sometimes he can tell you what it was when he lost everything and started building from the scratch again.

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