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The story was told of a young man who used to walk past big and beautiful hotels very often and one day as he was passing he asked, ‘who are the kind of people that live here?’ for some time he didn’t get any answer but was left with his imagination on the kind of people who lived in those hotels.
While that was going on in his mind, he applied for a job and got two offers. One seemed more promising because of the financial rewards while the other was a one-man company that he had to just manage for the time being so he left the big money and went for the one man company job. He kept working at his best and somewhere along the line referrals began to come so he was getting new opportunities and his social status was improving.
Just recently he got another offer that put him on the multinational pedestal and had to stay in hotels very often. When he reflected on how he used to walk past hotels and wonder about the kind of people that lived there he said, ‘I now know the kind of people that live there. It’s people like me!’
We need to engineer a thought process in our mind by the kind of questions that we ask and the kind of things we allow our imagination to focus on. For a while this young man had the question of who lives here in his mind and after a process of keeping at his work and excelling, he found the answer to that question because he had also begun to check into the places he used to wonder about!
I am just going to challenge your mind and ask you to deliberately check the things you allow to stay on your mind for a long time because whatever is on your mind will determine what will eventually be in your hands.
On daily basis we get a chance to maximize opportunities because they present themselves to us from time to time but the challenge is that if you are going to be able to maximize an opportunity you must first see it as an opportunity. We need to stop looking at the big people in the society and coming to the conclusion that you can never get there. You should never see some people who seem to have it all as people you will never be able to relate with. If that young man who was wondering about the kind of people that lived in the hotel had a disconnect in his mind, he would never have experienced a change of status.
You may not be where you want to be physically right now but you should never allow that picture to go off your mind. So long as you keep the picture in your mind and believe that with the passage of time while you are working at your best things will happen for you, it will become your reality.
In all that you do, either on your way to where you want to be or in the process of settling down where you are, you must never stop envisioning!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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